Scheer early adopter of SAP Public Cloud in 2012 | 10 years SAP Public Cloud Partner
10 years SAP Public Cloud
Ferry Bogaards
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SAP Public Cloud - Early Adopter in 2012

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Why was Scheer Netherlands an Early adopter of SAP Public Cloud ERP?

Scheer Netherlands celebrates its first anniversary of being ten years SAP Public Cloud ERP partner. We started in 2012 as a branch of the German Scheer Group. Every month of this year, we look back at the past ten years. 

In this first article, Ferry Bogaards answers why Scheer Netherlands started in 2012 as an "Early Adopter" of SAP Cloud ERP.

10 Years SAP Public Cloud Partner - Part 1 of 12

Ferry Bogaards (Managing Director of Scheer Netherlands) explains why he specialized his new consulting team in SAP Cloud ERP instead of the on-premise SAP ERP solutions. The five reasons to justify the choice of SAP Public Cloud ERP are still valid today.

Reason 1: Implementing SAP ECC on-premises solutions were no longer satisfying customers and our consultants

As a consultancy firm, we wanted to be challenged by the Customer and innovations by SAP to implement the best solution to support a business model and its processes.

SAP ECC innovations were slow at that time and could very often not fulfill the Customer's needs. In 2012 we saw that SAP was heavily investing in a new software model ( SAP Public Cloud ERP) with rapid delivery of innovations and a low TCO.

Reason 2: We focus on end-to-end business processes, not on building solutions

As the founder of the BPM tooling ARIS, Scheer has in its DNA to implement SAP based on Business Process Management principles. With the newly launched SAP Activate methodology for Cloud implementations, SAP changed the implementation approach from a build to a Fit to Standard approach based on best practice processes, which is a perfect fit with the philosophy of Scheer.

Reason 3: We recognized that SAP Cloud ERP is the future in an early stage

With SAP ERP in a Public Cloud, we saw a new era of leveraging Software as a Service and enabling Customers to establish a foundation for future growth and innovation.

Customers experience the quarterly update cycles as a no-brainer. Stay current is now the new normal. In the last 10 years, we see that our customers are eager to embrace new features more than in the past. The business owns the ERP solution, and IT facilitates where necessary. Activating innovations is no longer an IT-depended exercise.

Reason 4: SAP Public Cloud ERP reduces the cost of ownership significantly

Comparing SAP Public Cloud ERP with the SAP ECC on-premise world, a significantly lower cost is involved. SAP is taking care of everything. Customers only get an URL to access their full-blown SAP environment, with access from any device. The Public Cloud ERP environment has a flexible pricing model based on a monthly fee per user.

Another cost-saving is the real-time embedded Analytics and Reporting capabilities. We see that the willingness to work with Cloud ERP by management is much higher, which positively impacts quality decision-making, resulting in better margins, higher revenue, and customer satisfaction!

Reason 5: We encourage flexibility and usage of best-of-breed solutions.

Customer in the SAP ECC world is often kept locked by the SAP partner contracted with Support and Application Management services. SAP Public Cloud ERP is 100% managed by SAP and allows Customers to select the best athlete for the job anytime.

Conclusion after ten years working with SAP Public Cloud ERP

“We see an increasing number of companies recognizing SAP Public Cloud ERP as the best fit solution. It is a mature key-stone product in the strategy of SAP in which SAP is heavily investing” – Ferry Bogaards | Managing Director

“Scheer Netherlands started in 2012 with SAP Business ByDesign and since 2018 with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud. Since 2020, SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud has become the first-choice option. Currently, Scheer is implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud in five projects within the Netherlands and USA.