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Why choose SAP SaaS-ERP solutions?

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud you obtain a state-of-the-art ERP application, based on Industry Best Practices, which can be widely deployed within companies.  The main advantage is that this SaaS-ERP provides a new way of working. You obtain an Intelligence Enterprise, which goes beyond performing ERP transactions.  This involves integrations, collaboration, insights, planning and predictions.

What is the relationship of SaaS-ERP and an Intelligent Enterprise?

The concept of Intelligent Enterprise ensures the seamless integration of data and processes creating flexible value chains. In addition, the concept allows for easy innovation of best practices to respond to customer, partner and employee expectations, and the ability to monitor and manage environmental impact.

Focus on end-to-end processes rather than application components?

Within SaaS-ERP, it is about setting up integrated processes and not setting up Finance, CRM or Production modules.

Scheer's Fits-to-Standard approach for end-to-end business process

The required functionality is examined based on industry best-practices and the functionality present within the SAP Public Cloud solutions.  A working process configuration is created. No process has a fixed set-up or a fixed procedure. The SAP Industry Best Practices are composed of different components, called Scope Items, which are then put together into a working end-to-end process.

The means of new technologies for your business? 

SAP Public Cloud is the only environment where your system is equipped with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics Process Automation. Next level capabilities to make your business respond faster and effectively to recent market developments. With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition and SAP Business Technology Platform, your business is ready to start deploying these new technologies. 

Gets Advantage through Experiences

Focus on end-to-end processes

Scheer has broad and deep process and industry knowledge in the areas of 

  • Order to Cash
  • Design to Operate
  • Source to Pay 
  • Record to Report
  • Hire-to-Retire

and then within the Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Professional/Technical Services sectors. Our experiences also include inter-company processes, where projects, employees or materials are used internally.

Choose a solution with Clean Core ERP

Our strength is to find a pragmatic way of applying Industry Best Practices to stay (close) to the standard solution. A so-called Clean Core ERP ensures easy management and lower maintenance costs now and later.

Scheer concepts approach SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition

Accelerate with ERP Variants

Rapid implementation with ERP Variants

The strength of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition is the presence of so-called ERP Variants that provide a quick foundation for a desired functionality. 

Discover the concepts ...  Use the solution and expand step by step

Another advantage of SAP SaaS-ERP is that it can be expanded step by step without complex IT projects, instead of a lengthy and big-bang like ERP project. 

New way of working and collaborating

SaaS ERP provides not only new functionalities, but also a different way of (collaborating), planning and improving. To make this process effective, it is useful to start implementing the functional scope in phases. The earlier the application is deployed, the better employees will apply the new functionalities and capabilities.

Our approach includes Industry Focus

for solid and fast implementations

SAP Partner Packaged Solutions for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition 

The SAP S/4HANA Cloud platform includes many scope items, each with its configuration, test scripts and documentation. A scope item activates functionality to support an end-to-end process or a specific scenario. You definitely need an experienced partner with the right approach and detailed knowledge to achieve a workable solution. This is why we have defined packages to get your SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementation for Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Professional or Technical Services off to a flying start.

Our industry focus includes the following:

  • End-to-end specifications for Order-to-Cash, Source-to-Pay, Plan-to-Produce and Record-to-Report scenarios.
  • Experience in defining, managing and realizing alternative paths for non-fits
  • Realizing necessary integrations with SAP Business Technology platforms
  • Creation of templates for central or business functions and rollout to different countries
  • Supporting testing, data management, access and authorizations

SAP Activate -  Transparent Methodology for SaaS-ERP

Structure of SAP Activate

SAP Activate is to make implementations faster, more efficient and more flexible by providing best practices, tools and guidelines to help you through every stage of the implementation process. SAP Activate mainly consists of three main pillars:

Best Practices: SAP Activate includes predefined best practices based on SAP's years of experience in ERP implementations. These best practices include predefined processes, configurations and workflows that organizations can use as the basis for their own implementation.

Guided Configuration: This approach helps organizations streamline and simplify complex configurations. Guided configuration allows implementation teams to receive step-by-step guidance in setting up the system based on the organization's specific needs.

Methodology: SAP Activate follows an agile and iterative approach to implementations. It consists of different phases such as Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy and Run, which focus on different aspects of the implementation process.

SAP Activate - Roadmap and Methodology

This phasing and iterative process allows organizations to progress gradually and flexibly and make any adjustments based on advancing insight.

SAP Activate Release Updates

It is important to note that SAP Activate is constantly evaluated and updated to reflect the latest developments in technology and business processes. For example, the approach was recently updated to reflect the change from the 2-to-3 systems landscape. The advent of the Development System provides renewed approaches for implementations, which was directly translated to new SAP Activate paths to follow.

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