Podcast - OpenSAP - DSM Twilmij & Scheer implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud
OpenSAP Podcast DSM Twilmij & Scheer implement ySAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition
SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition
Ferry Bogaards
SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition
1 min

dsm-firmenich's digital transition to better respond to a business that never stands still

1 min

Business Innovation with SAP Innovation in the Cloud: dsm-firmenich's digital transition to better respond to a business that never stands still.

The successful S/4HANA public cloud implementation at dsm-firmenich by Scheer Netherlands.

A new episode of "Business Innovation with SAP" in which we dive into the innovative world of dsm-firmenich's public cloud implementation, with the help of Scheer Netherlands. We discuss the challenges, solutions and results of this ambitious digital transformation, where change management and agility are key.

We are pleased to host the following guests, Christian Veldkamp, Manager Control Animal Nutrition & Health at dsm-firmenich and Ferry Bogaards, Managing Partner at Scheer Netherlands.

Discover all about dsm-firmenich, a company that has been evolving and innovating for more than a century, and learn about their complex IT landscape and how they meet their challenges. Meet their unique project: Integrating a site that produces animal feed premixes, and gain insight into how they fit into the larger dsm-firmenich picture.
We'll dive deep into the innovative use of technology, including SAP Business Technology Platform, to accomplish their primary goal of integrating their recent acquisitions with their existing systems, and discuss the importance of change management in this process.

You will hear about the challenges, the successes, the intense collaboration and the valuable learning experiences that the collaboration between dsm-firmenich and Scheer entailed. Of course, we'll zoom in on the technologies chosen, including the S/4HANA public cloud and SAP BTP, to enable this innovative transformation.
At the end of the drive, we look at what has been achieved: greater insight thanks to real-time cost calculations and detailed margin reporting, improved collaboration, and the ability to respond faster to new SAP innovations.

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This Podcast is spoken in Dutch!