Process innovation to increase value of your business activities
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Process Innovation for Competitive strength

  • Business Process Management for more insight
  • Applying Best Practices from SAP Cloud Solutions
  • Empower employees with dedicated role-based Business Apps

Process Innovation creates more value in your business chain

In the current competitive global digital economy, Process Innovations has become an important pillar in the creation of competitive advantage.

Scheer Netherlands enables these process innovations by deploying SAP Cloud solutions.  We are using Business Process Management (BPM) methods and principles to define the desired improvements. These identified improvements are translated into innovative processes and the effective support of standard SAP Cloud and/or Mobile Solutions.

Scheer Netherland is analyzing and interpreting the quarterly and yearly updates from the various SAP Cloud ERP/CRM solutions, to provide a useful transformation path for your business

Our business analysis approach is Process-oriented

With our process-oriented approach, we analyze the end-to-end processes from an internal and external perspective.  It covers all interactions with customers, suppliers, and partners. Based on these  'process journeys is it possible to assess the value added by activity across the whole chain and to determine the desired improvement. The desired improvements are translated into innovative (adaptive) processes and solutions by applying a combination of standard SAP functionality, Business Process Management, SAP Cloud Solutions, and Mobile Business Apps.

Steps to the creation of Business Innovations

  • Deployment of  Business Process Management  principles and methods
  • Knowledge and experience in translating business models for organization, processes and IT.
  • A clear distinction in the implementation approach with regards to key and generic activities
  • Applying innovative technology, techniques, and methods
  • Embedding BPM-thinking  into the existing organization
  • Work closely with all stakeholders and employees.

Scheer Netherlands is offering a free of charge Orientation Session to discover the options of Process Innovations for your organizations. Our Consultancy section provides more insight about our team and how we partner with our clients.