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BPM with use of ARIS Cloud Platform

For Scheer, the ARIS Cloud platform remains an ideal way to analyze, optimize and improve business processes.

  • Scheer Nederland is an advice partner for ARIS
  • Business Process Analysis Platform from Software AG, market leader for SAP BPM solutions

ARIS - Business Process Analysis Platform

The ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform from Software AG, the market leader in BPM solution, is the ideal choice for companies that want their business processes

  • Documenting
  • Analyze
  • Standardize
  • Optimize

[caption id="attachment_217112" align="aligncenter" width="510"]Aris bpm process governance Aris bpm process governance[/caption]

Scheer has extensive experience in supporting her clients with the implementation of the deployment of process management within their organizations. With the use of the ARIS Cloud BPM platform, topics such as control, organization, communication and optimization of processes are made visible and implemented efficiently and in a value-oriented manner.

We offer professional services around the themes of ARIS and BPM and as an experienced partner we can support you with the improvement, renewal or integration of your Business Process Management Platform.

Business Process Analysis

Specific business solutions for the analyzes of cooperating parties, optimization and documentation of these business processes.

Individual adjustment of your ARIS solution

Configuration of ARIS and ARIS Connect solutions tailored to your organization. Set up workflow solutions in line with your process governance.

Process Performance Management & Analytics

Performing a performance analysis, benchmarking and dashboard solutions for specific business activities within your company based on Process Performance Manager (PPM) and MashZone

ARIS Migration & Cloud Services

Transparent services, migration, suppor and infrastructure solutions from the Scheer Datacenter.

As a Power Up sales partner for Software AG, we are your partner for all questions you have about ARIS licenses and license purchases.

Additional information about ARIS can be found on the Software AG website:

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  • Link to ARIS Governance, Risk & Compliance Management