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Our Consultants are Process Experts with broad ERP & IT Experience

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Consultants backgrounds

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in the field of implementations of SAP R/3, SAP ECC, S/4HANA, SAP Hybris Sales and SAP Business ByDesign, including the necessary integration with other (non-) SAP applications. 

Consultants with BPM focus

Our approach has a continuous focus on the execution of business processes and the interaction with involved employees.

The objective is to ensure that each individual step, is supported and fully integrated with the next step of the End-to-End Scenario.

The end result is the solution that provides employees, managers and the various CXO's the right information..

Starting with understanding your strategy

The chosen business model is the starting point and reference for the further assignment. Subsequently, priorities are set to become successful in that business value model.

Translate SAP Industry Best Practices to your process model

The Fit & Gap analysis is performed by our consultants based on the latest version of SAP's Industry Best Practice process models.  This analyses includes both S/4HANA and SAP Business ByDesign.

Managing the Change and Adoption

Our approach focuses on managing the change and impact towards employees, business partners and the organization during and after implementation.

Secure knowledge and insights

Create the right level of documentation to maintain overview, insight and details about your business processes. This can be used for initial and future training of employees. Each role needs to have a good insight and understanding of his duties and the cooperation and interactions with other disciplines.

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Best Practice Fit & Gap analysis as starting point

SAP Consultancy Strategic Journey by Scheer

Mapping your Revenue Model to defined Strategy

We take companies' strategy as starting point to define the Fit & Gap between the current and wanted layout of the business model.  This Fit & Gap analysis is the context to further analyze the business processes and interaction with suppliers, customers and business partners. This results into a framework for future innovations and digital transformations.

SAP Consultancy Business Process Management

Translate Revenue Model to streamlined processes

Our expertise is focused on innovative process improvements within the field of Technical & Professional Services, Production, Food & Beverages, Wholesale & Retail.

Based on a Fit & Gap analysis with Industry Best Practice process models, the necessary changes are mapped and translated to processes and the scope, configuration and fine tuning of the selected SAP solution(s).

SAP Consultancy for Customer Journey

Interaction with customers

Program to enjoy full digital collaboration and engagement with your customers.

SAP Consultancy for Supplier Journey

Collaborative suppliers

Program for seamless integration of processes and digital communications with suppliers.

SAP Consultancy for Own Enterprise Journey

Empower own capabilities

Program to eliminate weak spots and further improve own capabilities to beat the competition.

SAP Consultancy for Process Innovations

Competitive advantages

Implementing a realistic innovation program within the digital business model.