Knowledge Center SAP on Azure | Introduction
Knowledge Center SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure | Introduction

SAP op Microsoft Azure: Run on Trust

Microsoft offers the optimal platform for the latest SAP solutions with the Azure Cloud. With maximum performance and the highest security standards, Microsoft Azure offers a high degree of availability, flexibility and scalability for your systems. Through worldwide access to your systems you increase the power of innovation and productivity in your company.

Fast switching for extra power

The big advantage of SAP on Azure is the ease with which switching can be made to use extra or less capacity. You are flexible to adapt to your needs and save costs without compromising the availability or security of your system. In this way your IT infrastructure can be dynamically and individually adjusted to the growth of your company. Consider, for example, the following options:

  • simply switching off test systems when they are not being used;
  • the deployment of production systems outside working hours - if the business permits this,
  • the (temporary) additional deployment of systems to validate, test or train new possibilities

Security First

One of the most important features of the Azure Platform is the Compliance and Certification that it can be deployed as a "Trusted" and "Secured" platform. For this Azure contains the required global, regional and local or industry-specific certifications and the required security measures. As a result, the Azure platform can be used for government, health care, but also for organizations that have to deal with special personal and payment schemes.

[caption id="attachment_216836" align="aligncenter" width="959"]SAP on Azure Compliance SAP on Azure Compliance[/caption]

SAP on Azure Service options

For many companies, moving to Cloud for ERP applications is still a discussion topic. Fortunately, this step can be taken in various forms so that the impact on business operations can be properly estimated. Various forms can be considered:

  • Infrastructure as a Service where the underlying IT infrastructure can actually be deployed;
  • Platform as a Service whereby the required platform is accommodated in addition to the IT infrastructure;
  • Software as Service where virtually everything is arranged by the supplier.

[caption id="attachment_216861" align="aligncenter" width="800"]SAP on Azure Responsibility SAP on Azure Responsibility[/caption]

Microsoft Azure offers as Hyperscale platform systems in all different forms from Virtuals to any Bare Metals for the supercomputers, to support your organization.

As Platform Services, Mobility Deployment and Cloud integration platforms are available.

An own license (BYOL) must be brought for the Azure Platform. However, with the support of Scheer, this can be turned into a Software as a Service service.

Seamless collaboration between SAP and Microsoft products

Below is an explanation of the functionalities that are obtained from the Microsoft and SAP portfolio.

Better collaboration:

  • Office365
  • Exchange
  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business

Security & Compliance:

  • Security assessments
  • Identify & Access Management
  • GDPR & Encryption
  • Shadow-IT Analyzes
  • Mobile Security Pen-Testing for Cyber attacks

Microsoft Azure:

  • Global Cloud Strategy
  • Azure Governance
  • Reference Architectures
  • IaaS and Paas Services
  • Data center transition
  • Infrastruture as Code (IaC)

Cooperation Microsoft and SAP:

  • SAP & Azure
  • SAP & Office365
  • SAP & SharePoint
  • SAP HCM & Azure Security
  • SAP Data Export security