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Professional Services | SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Solution Details for Professional Services with RISE with SAP 

SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Professional Services enables professional services companies with the digital transformation of their company. This solution delivers real-time accounting solutions with in-depth analysis, the right functionality to plan, execute and control profitable projects, the insight to deploy the right resource to the right project at the right time, and sophisticated billing capabilities with advanced revenue recognition.

SAP Cloud Solutions - RISE with SAP

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud: for for order-to-cash process,  finance and projects and intelligent resource management
  • SAP Fieldglass® :for contingent workforce management
  • SAP Concur®: for, intelligent travel and expense management
  • SAP SuccessFactors®: for HR and people management
  • SAP Business Technology Platform CPE A Credits
  • SAP Business Network, Starter Package

Business Focus Services

  • SAP Business Process Intelligence Discovery Reports
  • Custom Code Analyzer for existing SAP ECC environment
  • Readiness Check
  • Access to Learning Hub for Self Learning

Scheer & SAP supported Services

  • Analyze how processes perform, get tailored recommendations, and benchmark against industry standards. 
  • Complement, extend and integrate with SAP, partner, or third-party solutions using the same data model and business services as SAP applications. 
  • Digitize collaboration with all of your trading partners.
  • Tools and services from SAP to support your whole journey that can be augmented by SAP’s strong ecosystem.

Business Characteristics of Professional Services

Evolution of Professional Services Companies Selling Motions: Companies are evolving from being with business models like solution, subscription, outcome-based, knowledge as a service, and ‘anything-as-a-service’ models

Distinct Products & Services: Traditional model of offering products and services, T&M projects as separate offerings

Bundles of Products & Services: Provide customers with configurable, adaptable, and personalized solutions

Transition to Subscriptions: Provide range of knowledge as a service and value-adding subscriptions for services and software based offerings, with recurring and usage-based billing

Servitization – Advanced outcome-based and ‘Anything-as-a-service’ models: Offer subscriptions combining equipment, software, all kind of services. Offer new approaches to price and deliver services based upon flexible outcomes.

Subscription Business

  • Offer a service based on subscription business models (B2B or B2C)
  • Innovate/Transform into Everything-as-a-Service provider e.g. Product-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service
  • Multiple pricing elements e.g. recurring base fee, pay-per-use charges
  • Bundling of subscriptions, services and products
  • Complex order and contract Management
  • Subscription Life Cycle Management
  • Fixed fees & Usage Billing
  • Convergent invoicing
  • Complex revenue recognition
  • Scalable automated business processes

Business Features for Professional Services

Sell and plan engagement

  • Bid management: Profitable bids based on previous engagements
  • Project planning: Creation and revision of engagement budgets

Recruit and staff

  • Resource management: Intelligent resource management and matching of demand and supply
  • Project Execution: Tracking milestones, time, effort, and expenses 

Work and Deliver

  • Project Forecasting: Monitoring of progress throughout service delivery and forecast outcomes
  • Project Insights: Real-time insights into financials, resources, margins, and risks

Forecast and Bill

  • Billing and Revenue: Support for multiple different revenue recognition and billing models in real time and reconciliation free
  • Financial Operations: Automated and optimized financial operations and real-time universal ledger

Sourcing & Procurement

  • Sourcing and contract management
  • Operational and service procurement
  • Invoice and payables management
  • Supplier management
  • Procurement analytics


  • Accounting and financial close
  • Cost management and profitability analysis
  • Advanced accounting and financial close
  • Treasury and risk management
  • Enterprise risk and compliance

Sales and service

  • Sales performance management
  • Subscription billing and revenue management
  • Order and contract management
  • Direct store delivery
  • Multichannel billing

Footprint of Scheer Nederland 

Scheer Netherlands started in 2012 with SAP Cloud ERP. Initially with SAP Business ByDesign. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementations started at 2017.

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