Best Practice Scope Ids for Professional Services with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition
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Professional Services - Best Practice Scope Items

Scope Best Practices Professional Services

List of all scope items that are inside the scope (default or optional license) related to professional Services with SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Each item contains a link to Scheer Best Practice Knowledge center at  The following details are listed for each scope item:

  1.  Description
  2. Process Flow
  3. Supported Business Modules

Application Platform and Infrastructure

Process Management and Integration

Database and Data Management

Enterprise Information Management

  • Core Data Services-Based Extraction with SAP S/4HANA Cloud  (35D)
  • Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA from SAP  (BH3)
  • Data Protection and Privacy  (5LE)
  • Data Quality Management for Business Partner  (4AP)
  • Data Quality Management for Product  (4AQ)
  • Financial Master Data for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central  (4AJ)
  • Import Connection setup with SAP Analytics Cloud  (1YB)
  • Information Lifecycle Management  (1KA)
  • Mass Load and Mass Maintenance for Business Partner  (1RK)
  • Mass Load and Mass Maintenance for Product  (1RM)
  • Mass Processing for Business Partner  (1N7)
  • Master Data Catalog for SAP S/4HANA Cloud  (1I5)
  • Master Data Consolidation for Business Partner  (1N3)
  • Master Data Consolidation for Product  (1N1)
  • Master Data Integration  (1RO)
  • Master Data Remediation for Product  (1MZ)
  • Responsibility Management  (1NJ)


Accounting and Financial Close

  • Accounting and Financial Close - Group Ledger IFRS  (1GA)
  • Asset Accounting  (J62)
  • Asset Under Construction  (BFH)
  • Event-Based Revenue Recognition - Project-Based Services  (1IL)
  • Event-Based Revenue Recognition - Project-Based Services - IFRS  (1P0)
  • External Tax Audit  (2OO)
  • Intercompany Asset Transfer within Same Country  (1IH)
  • Period-End Closing - Projects  (BNA)
  • SAP Fiori Analytical Apps for Asset Accounting in Finance  (2QY)

Advanced Accounting and Financial Close

  • Advance Compliance Reporting  (1J2)
  • Advance Compliance Reporting for Belgium  (5P9)
  • Advanced Financial Closing  (2V8)
  • Group Reporting - Data from External Systems  (2U6)
  • Group Reporting - Financial Consolidation  (1SG)
  • Group Reporting - Matrix Consolidation  (3LX)
  • Group Reporting - Predictive Consolidation  (3JP)
  • Group Reporting – Consolidation with Multiple Group Currencies  (4VB)

Advanced Financial Operations

Cost Management and Profitability Analysis

  • Financial Plan Data Upload from File  (1HB)
  • Margin Analysis  (J55)
  • Overhead Cost Accounting  (J54)
  • Subsidiary Integration of SAP S/4HANA Cloud to Central Finance  (1W4)
  • Universal Allocation  (2QL)

Financial Operations

  • Accounts Payable  (J60)
  • Accounts Receivable  (J59)
  • Cash Application Integration  (1MV)
  • Direct Debit  (19M)
  • Provisioning of Overdue Receivables  (2PD)
  • Travel Expense Processing with SAP Concur Expense Professional  (1M1)

Treasury Management

  • Advanced Bank Account Management  (J77)
  • Advanced Cash Operations  (J78)
  • Advanced Payment Management  (4MT)
  • Automatic Market Rates Management  (1S4)
  • Bank Guarantee Management  (2NZ)
  • Bank Integration with File Interface  (1EG)
  • Bank Integration with SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity  (16R)
  • Basic Bank Account Management  (BFA)
  • Basic Cash Operations  (BFB)
  • Debt and Investment Management  (1WV)
  • Foreign Currency Risk Management  (1X1)
  • Interest Rate Derivatives Management  (1X3)
  • Letter of Credit Management  (49D)
  • Stock Management  (5OD)
  • Stock Management - Group Ledger IFRS  (5OE)

Human Resources

Core HR and Time Recording

  • Core HR with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central  (JB1)
  • Employee Integration - SAP S/4HANA Enablement  (1FD)
  • Payroll Processing with SAP ERP HCM Payroll  (3UP)
  • Payroll Processing with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll  (1NL)
  • Time Recording - Project-Based Services  (J12)
  • Workforce Management with SAP Master Data Integration  (4AF)

IT Management

Administration and Usability

  • In-App Extensibility  (1N9)
  • Output Management  (1LQ)
  • Side-by-Side Extensibility for SAP S/4HANA Cloud  (1RW)

Professional Services


  • Advanced Resource Management - Project-Based Services  (1KC)
  • Basic Resource Management - Project-Based Services  (2MV)
  • Customer Project Analysis  (BGI)
  • Customer Project Management - Project-Based Services  (J11)
  • Intercompany Processes - Project-Based Services  (16T)
  • Internal Project Management - Project-Based Services  (1A8)
  • Project Billing - Project-Based Services  (4E9)
  • Project-Based Service Procurement in Headquarter-Subsidiary Model  (3TQ)
  • Sales Order Processing - Project-Based Services  (J14)
  • Service and Material Procurement - Project-Based Services  (J13)
  • Utilization Analysis  (BGJ)


Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management

  • Project Data Replication to Central Finance  (3W1)

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product Structure Management  (3ND)


Order and Contract Management


Service Operations & Processes

  • Service Order Management and Monitoring  (3D2)

Sourcing and Procurement

Invoice Management

  • Automated Purchase-to-Pay with SAP Ariba Commerce Automation  (J82)

Operational Procurement

  • Automation of Source-to-Pay with Ariba Network  (42K)