Industry Focus SAP S/.4HANA Cloud
Industry Focus SAP Cloud ERP

Industry Focus SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Our Industry Focus Implementation Approach 

Implementing SAP Cloud ERP has a different approach from the first day, comparing to the on-premise ERP implementations from the past.

  • Immediately available access to test and production systems for all users. 
  • Immediately available access to the process flow for all users. 
  • Fast project scope definition and configuration.
  • Fit-to-Standard Sprints to ensure an excellent education and training of employees through Fit-to-Standard Sprints workshops to fine tune integrated process flow.
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Smart organized process of testing, validating and acceptance of integrated best practice flows

Our Accelerators

  • Scheer Process Driven SAP Implementation Approach, including Fit-to-Standard Sprints
  • Quick scope confirmation by using predefined Industry specific End-to-End Process Models
  • Project Planning 
  • Data Migration Tooling 
  • Test Tooling 
  • Delivery documentation and comprehensive working instructions

Go for Operational Excellence

Industry specific KPI' and Dashboards to manage the business.

  • Integrate data across business areas to access information in real time; 
  • Embedded analytics to improve financial and operational control; 
  • Scalable software to accommodate business changes quickly, e.g. mergers, acquisitions, or expansion;