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Recruit-to-Retire: Focus on employees

Your employees are your most important resource

The Recruit-to-Retire (R2R)process encompasses all activities in the life cycle of current and potential employees – from recruiting to onboarding, ongoing support and skills development, and even the offboarding process. The goal here is to give your employees (and potential employees) the best possible support on their journey. In detail, this process also includes the Hire-to-Retire subprocess, with a focus on existing employees. 

Recruit to Retire is one of the critical business scenarios needed by every customer, regardless of country, industry, or size. A company’s workforce provides the human energy to achieve its objectives. Employees need to be hired, trained correctly, assigned to the correct tasks, kept healthy, and paid correctly. SAP provides the ability to understand, manage, and optimize all aspects of the workforce (employees and external workers) in line with business objectives and clear financial impact.

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Recruit to Retire: Focus on Employees

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