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Building the Intelligent Enterprise for Professional Services

Professional Services and the disruptive digital economy

Digital delivery: It has become imperative for firms to radically rethink their business models and deliver services digitally through subscription platforms in order to deliver better client and employee experiences.

Rise of the virtual firm: Long-term virtual work has become a reality. Many companies are opting to make remote work part of normal workspaces and increase the use of freelance or contingent resources to enable a flexible workforce.

Disruptive market entrants: Technology-driven automation lower the cost to deliver services and transform the way clients consume services. Services that can now be performed more efficiently, digitally, virtually, and with full automation at a significantly lower cost.

Scheer supports you with SAP S/4HANA reimagined set of end-to-end (E2E) business scenarios to manage the strategic priorities of working in a digital environment for your professional services

Strategies for Professional Services Companies to Run as Intelligent Enterprises

Outcome-based engagements: Clients are increasingly focused on the business outcome of an engagement rather than the effort involved, and they are negotiating prices and relationships accordingly.

Talent networks: Digitalization of talent has made new business models possible by identifying, classifying, and attracting talent on an as-needed basis outside the boundaries of a firm.

Knowledge as a service: Professional services firms are realizing that they have valuable expertise and content that can benefit their customers beyond the typical face-to-face engagement model. Innovative service firms continue to productize their service lines, create knowledge “vaults,” and monetize their institutional expertise to deliver a highly resilient revenue stream.

Professional Services End-to-End Business Functions


  • Automatic scoring and ranking of opportunities to streamline sales processes and improve pipeline predictability and revenue growth;
  • Analysis and insights from previous projects and the ability to reuse previous bids for faster bid creation of more-accurate bids;
  • Flexible pricing model definition to stay ahead of the competition by bringing attractive offers to customers faster;

 Talent Mngt

  •  Resource demand forecast based on the pipeline and backlog, for timely workforce alignment measures and increased utilization;
  • Streamlined and intelligent search, sourcing, and management of resources across internal and external resource pools, for faster time to staff;
  • Insight into employee sentiment, for targeted actions that lead to increased employee engagement and lower attrition

Customer Project Mngt

  • Integrated project management tools optimized to help your professional service organization deliver projects on time and within budget;
  • Activity-based time recording on any device for timely and accurate billing and invoicing
  • Project-progress monitoring for on-time and on-budget delivery and completion

Business Development

  • Omnichannel commerce capabilities to engage and transact with your modern customers across all channels and touch points
  • Service bundling and subscription-based business enablement to create new revenue streams and maximize profits
  •  Guided configure, price quote to build proposals in seconds, accelerate your sales cycles, and win more deals

Digital Service Delivery

  •  Combination of products and services in one order to support business transformations from products to higher margin services and solutions;
  •  Automatic categorization, assignment, and answering of service tickets for improved SLA compliance;
  • Insight into each customer’s sentiment, past feedback, and transactions to increase the employees’ ability to respond to customers’ needs when interacting with them and drive customer satisfaction and contract renewals

Core Finance

  • Automated processing of subscription, one-time, and usage-based scenarios to enable digital service business models
  •  Automated intercompany billing for reduced revenue leakage § Flexible billing process for outcome-based services to enable business model transformation
  • Faster, compliant financial close with less cost and effort to gain greater financial insight and control
  • Automated line item matching to enhance accounts receivables


  • Order to cash
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Projects

SAP Concur

  • Expense Management
  • Travel Management

SAP Fieldglass

  • Contingent workforce management

SAP S/4HANA Cloud- Professional Service - 2108 Update

Enabling Outcome-Based Engagements: Intelligent Bids and Delivery Excellence

Building competitive bids to meet the more and more sophisticated customer requirements, and at the same time ensuring that the engagement is executed successfully and profitably, is becoming an insurmountable task. This professional Service platform with SAP S/4HANA Cloud understands your unstructured customer requirements and translates them into packages of work that you can estimate intelligently based on proven past experiences:

  •  It recommends the best mix of skills, prompts you on resource availability, and, based on previous learning, advises you on what to do or to avoid to deliver successfully. 
  • It intelligently captures time, effort, and expenses to help provide the confidence of flawless execution.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud - Professional Services

Enabling Talent Networks: From Strategic Planning to Intelligent Resource Management

Timely engagement staffing with the right resources and visibility into the staffing pipeline has been a known challenge for the professional services industry.

  • It automatically collects the “digital exhaust” of employees and even contingent workers;
  • It builds a skills profile as they perform their daily jobs, pulling keywords and relationships from enterprise systems such as collaboration hubs, project management, and learning and career planning systems. Employees could further extend their “storefront” with additional skills, interests, and resumes;
  • As people are staffed to projects and deliver work, this technology can learn which matches were more (or less) successful and keep on learning to improve future searches, helping resource managers find the ideal talent at the click of a button;

SAP S/4HANA Cloud - Talent Management

Delivering Knowledge as a Service: Order-to-Cash Platform for Digital Services

The emerging economies – outcome-based, shared, or gig – put immense pressure on professional services firms to adapt their end-to-end processes in real time and on the fly.

  • Deploy the platform that allows you to modularly, seamlessly, and instantaneously define your dynamic end-to-end processes;
  • Configure from the quote of a simple productized service or complex business solutions across the entire value chain: pricing, delivery, revenue recognition, billing, and invoicing;


Drive Nonlinear Growth with Digital Services

Professional services firms will drive new revenue streams through innovative and new digital services that are instantly available, accessible, and affordable on an agile digital platform.

  • Firms are transforming their client-facing business to provide offers for the digital age;
  • Firms are supplying relevant digital services – for example, providing tax or legal advice by using intelligent natural-language processing;
  • Technologies and platforms are allowing firms to scale up or down quickly, blurring the boundaries of firms and challenging traditional service lifecycle patterns;

Volume sales: Productized services and volumeready sales processes require: § Bundling and configuration for standardization yet flexibility

  • No- or low-touch, self-service omni channel sales for scalability;
  • Thorough customer experience management for customer intimacy and loyalty;
  • Single quote and order across service bundles;

Orchestrated delivery: Efficient, coordinated, and scalable delivery demands:

  • Real-time visibility into revenue and margins and commitments such as SLAs based on a single view of all related services;
  • Transparency of customer entitlements

Bill and recognize: Compliant and accurate billing and accounting require § Support for traditional as well as subscription, usage, and outcome-based billing models:

  • Single invoice across all billing types for services, projects, and products;
  • Automated, intelligent incoming cash matching;

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