Burgerista continues to expand with SAP S/4HANA

Burgerista expands with S/4HANA

Simple Finance for internal and external Accounting systems

Burgerista continuing to Expand with SAP S/4HANA Simple Finance

The Challenge

Founded in 2012, BURGERISTA rapidly became an established brand due to the enormous success of its alternative burger concept. Rapid expansion and the continual opening of new stores necessitated a financial system that would be efficient and future-proof. The choice was made to implement the SAP solution S/4 HANA Simple Finance, with Scheer Austria as the partner responsible for implementation. The project pursued a roll-out approach, with both the operatio- nal national subsidiaries and various holding companies engaged in implemen- ting the SAP solution.

The Solution

By choosing S/4HANA Simple Finance, BURGERISTA has implemented the la- test and most innovative version of the solutions provided by SAP AG. The project focused on financial processes and therefore the implementation of external and internal accounting systems. Various planning elements for both operational companies and holdings were also considered. The emphasis of the project was the optimized financial processes and the creation of a promi- sing basis for BURGERISTA’s further global expansion.

The Result

  • A state-of-the-art and future-proof financial management system
  • Transparent reporting across companies
  • Simple, easy-to-use financial processes
  • Investment security of the new solution

Technology / Core Components

  • S/4HANA Simple Finance Processes for external and internal accounting
  • Interfaces with other personnel, planning and cash register systems
  • Hosting of the S/4HANA Simple Finance Solution in our computing center

Involved Project Members:

Roman Weinberger CIO & Process Engineering Director, BURGERISTA Invest Holding GmbH

DI Michael Milkowits (MBA) - SAP Financials Scheer Austria

BURGERISTA | Invest Holding GmbH

Die Meister des Burgers (“The Burger Masters”) was founded near Linz (Austria) in 2012. The first top quality burgers were sold from a small kiosk. The enormous success of its burger concept rapidly established BURGERIS- TA as a brand. BURGERISTA continues to expand by continually opening new stores in Austria and Germany. Highqua- lity meat of regional origin, the freshest ingredients, excellent service and an outstanding interior design concept make visits to a BURGERISTA store a unique experience.

By implementing an innovative and efficient finance system together with our partner Scheer Austria, we have established a viable basis for BURGERISTA’s further expansion.

Roman Weinberger, CIO & Process Engineering Director, BURGERISTA Invest Holding GmbH

Initial Situation

BURGERISTA is an innovative start-up company in the restaurant industry with the aim to provide high quality burgers in a contemporary setting. From the early days as a kiosk near Linz, this company has evolved into an international group and has set further expansionas its clear objective. In order to support this aim with efficient processes in financial management, a project was initiated to reimplement an improved financial system across the group.

The Solution

To provide the best possible support for achieving the above goals, BURGERISTA decided on S/4HANA Simple Finance from SAP AG. Among other things, the project redesigned the processes in internal and external accounting as well as planning elements. Besides efficiency of these processes, the usability and transferability of the procedures to different countries were also essential goals. Alongside financial processes, optimized interfaces with external systems were also implemented, in particular the cash register system of the stores.

The Project

In its selection process, BURGERISTA decided on Scheer Austria as its implementation partner. Following a concept design phase, the defined processes were implemented using a template solution. These templates were then adapted to the specific requirements of the corresponding countries during the rollout phase. A central roll-out team consisting of customer own SAP experts as well as Scheer consultants supported these roll-outs and enabled transfer of the solutions to the local organisations.

The Benefits

By implementing S/4HANA Simple Finance, BURGERISTA has created an efficient finance system which will provide the best possible support for the planned expansion of the company.

Improved transparency in reporting has also accompanied the operational process improvements. Users in the various countries now have access to clear, easy-to-use tools and processes that can relieve them from routine activities and thereby free capacity for value-adding financial activities.

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