Intelligent Suite to support all your end-to-end business processes
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Intelligent Suite

Intelligent Suite

SAP offers an integrated suite of Public Cloud solutions to support your end-to-end business processes. The suite helps manage every part of your organization – employees, customers, products, spend, finance, and IT. With embedded analytics, we provide a 360-degree view of your business.

With RISE with SAP there is a solution defined for the major primary processes that exist within organization, like

  1.  Design-to-Operate Flow
  2. Lead-to-Cash Flow
  3. Recruit-to-Retire Flow
  4. Source-to-Pay Flow

In short, the Intelligent Suite is about Business Processes, Business Networks, Applications and the technology platform to make it all happen in and outside the Cloud.

Customers will benefit in the following aspects:

  • Out-of-the-box integration lowers or prevents additional implementation project costs;
  • Well-integrated and stable solutions lower or prevent additional cost as solutions develop further;
  • Integration qualities perceived by the multiple! end users enhance process efficiency and productivity.

SAP Solutions Overview

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