SAP Green Token of Sustainability Explained
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SAP Green Token of Sustainability Explained

SAP Green Token

SAP Green Token is a powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud solution designed for sustainability management and enables organizations to drive meaningful change toward a more sustainable future.

SAP Green TokenSAP Green Token - DSC Material Traceability

SAP Green Token facilitates the transition to sustainable materials

  • Leverages chain-of-custody models and tokenization
  • Industry and ESG standard-agnostic

SAP Green Token helps prove sustainability attributes of raw materials

  • Supports up-to-date sustainability standards and certification (e.g. ISCC and EUDR)
  • Ensures trust in auditing and reporting with an immutable blockchain ledger

Accessible to all types of organizations and easy to implement

  • Connect via a Direct Integration (SAP ERP), Open APIs, or drive via CSV Exports
  • Use as a stand-alone for mass balance and segregated accounting for your value chain
  • Optional and flexible onboarding of the supply chain for end-to-end transparency
  • Each organization controls their own data and visibility

Capabilities Empowering Sustainability

At the core of SAP Green Token lies an array of capabilities to enhance traceability, transparency, and accountability across the supply chain.

Mass Balance and Segregated Accounting: SAP Green Token facilitates the reconciliation of credits through inbound processes, configurable conversions, and allocations, ensuring accurate tracking of sustainability attributes throughout the production cycle. With attribute-based filtering and credit reservation capabilities, organizations can ensure compliance with sustainability standards while optimizing resource utilization.

Certification Management: Ensuring the credibility of sustainability claims is paramount in today's landscape. SAP Green Token streamlines certification management by automating declaration collection, generation, and transfer processes. With configuration-based declaration templates and multi-level declaration management, organizations can seamlessly navigate complex certification requirements while maintaining compliance and transparency.

Traceability and Transparency of Attributes: From raw material origins to end-product attributes, SAP Green Token provides full visibility into the lifecycle of credits and material attributes. By capturing and carrying multiple material attributes, organizations can track and report on critical sustainability metrics, including coordinates/origin, PCR/PIR source, and deforestation, fostering transparency and accountability across the value chain.

Reporting and Auditing: Real-time audit reporting according to certification standards, chain of custody reporting, and material movement reporting empower organizations to demonstrate adherence to sustainability standards and regulatory requirements. With comprehensive reporting capabilities, organizations can gain insights into the current and historical balance and distribution of sustainable claims, facilitating informed decision-making and stakeholder communication.

Added Business Value

The adoption of SAP Green Token unlocks numerous business benefits, including:

Enhanced Brand Reputation: By demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and transparency, organizations can enhance their brand reputation and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and stakeholders.

Risk Mitigation: By accurately tracking sustainability attributes and ensuring compliance with standards and regulations, organizations can mitigate reputational and operational risks associated with non-compliance or sustainability-related controversies.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlined certification management, traceability, and reporting processes enable organizations to optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, and drive operational efficiency across the supply chain.

Market Differentiation: Organizations that embrace sustainability as a core value proposition can differentiate themselves in the market, gaining a competitive edge and positioning themselves as industry leaders in sustainability.

In conclusion

SAP Green Token represents a transformative solution for organizations seeking to embed sustainability into their core business operations and supply chain management practices. By leveraging SAP Green Token capabilities, organizations can drive sustainable transformation, enhance transparency, and create long-term value for stakeholders while contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future.