Zero Waste of Zero Inequality within SAP S/4HANAS Cloud Explained
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Zero Inequality of Sustainability explained


The Sustainability Cloud solutions are specifically designed to tackle the challenge of zero inequality within organizations and their ecosystems. Through the SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprise, businesses have comprehensive tools and insights to address social disparities, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and ensure fair labor practices across their operations and supply chains. This suite of solutions provides a robust framework for monitoring, reporting, and advancing social sustainability goals, enabling organizations to measure and improve their impact on workforce diversity, equal pay, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. By leveraging SAP's advanced analytics and data-driven insights, companies can make informed decisions that contribute to a more equitable society, demonstrating a commitment to social sustainability and setting a benchmark for ethical business practices worldwide.

SAP Ariba Supplier Management

Discover and support businesses that benefit society: It is time to revisit current business models of globalization and low-cost country sourcing and consider the creation of resilient supply chains by including local, diverse suppliers. Ariba Network is the largest business-to-business marketplace in the world, supporting nearly US$3.5 trillion in transactions annually. In partnership with leading social-enterprise interest organizations, we are opening this network up to their members, connecting corporate-ready social enterprises with more organizations that want to make a difference with their spending.

Capabilities of SAP Ariba Supplier Management

  • Certificate management with modular questionnaires to automate the process of tracking supplier diversity certificates while making it easy to find existing suppliers with specific certifications.
  • Ability to collect more information about materials from regions at risk of unethical/unsustainable practices.
  • Inbuilt forms to capture information from suppliers regarding sustainability and social responsibility initiatives.
  • World Economic Forum Integration. Country risk information that displays the supplier’s country competitiveness and risk management rankings.
  • Ability to search for products and services provided by social enterprises.
  • System-generated reminders help information stay updated without manual effort.

Benefits of SAP Ariba Supplier Management

  • Improve corporate image around diversity and social responsibility in the marketplace and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Help supply chains to become more competitive, agile, and profitable.
  • Make trusted and confident spending decisions by delivering comprehensive visibility on your spending data.

SAP Ariba Buying

Improve compliance with ethical procurement policies: SAP Ariba Buying provides a simple, smart, and elegant buying experience to increase user engagement across all spend. The capability helps customers achieve their sustainability goals by guiding their corporate buyers and shoppers to use local, indigenous, and minority-owned suppliers and suppliers supporting your social enterprise programs and initiatives.

Capabilities of SAP Ariba Buying

  • Smart guidance to items and suppliers that support purpose
  • In-context compliance and approval flow
  • Powerful and predictive search with “three-clicks and buy”
  • Support for ad hoc requests
  • Collaboration between users, procurement, and local/indigenous suppliers
  • Promotion and ranking of diverse suppliers to influence spend

Benefits of SAP Ariba Buying

  • Guidance on buying activities and enhanced compliance with sustainable procurement policies.
  • Support organizations’ goals by driving spending towards specific suppliers, such as indigenous, minority-owned, and local community suppliers

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

Ensure ethical sourcing and a sustainable supply chain: SAP Ariba Supplier Risk allows companies to procure with purpose: companies may look at their direct and indirect suppliers and see who is doing good, who protects both people and the planet, and how far their influence extends. With this level of clarity, companies can improve the societal, economic, and environmental impact of their business and every organization and community it touches.

Capabilities of SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

  • Segment supply base by inherent risks to drive sustainability across many thousands of suppliers by country, material, supplier, and business criticality.
  • Engage qualified suppliers quickly with support for streamlined qualification and onboarding
  • Mitigate supplier risk by ensuring that suppliers perform according to continuously visible KPIs.
  • Enable supplier due diligence process with risk insights integrated into sourcing and contract workflows.
  • Enhanced supplier risk scorecards and reporting using SAP’s API integration with EcoVadis.
  • Cross-referencing of suppliers against global watch lists for environmental and social abuses.
  • Access to enhanced insights from the SAP’s integration with Made In A Free World (FRDM).

Benefits ofSAP Ariba Supplier Risk

  • Support local communities, promote workplace and supply-base diversity, and use influence to protect human rights across all aspects of the supply chain
  • Improve the societal, economic, and environmental impact of one’s business
  • Supply chain transparency and traceability to ensure decent work and reduce inequalities
  • Customers can leverage risk exposure and inherent risks to segment their supply base for forced labor.

SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

Integrate sustainability into the supply chain: Integrating sustainability allows organizations to move beyond simply delivering shareholder value to delivering value for all stakeholders. Employees, their communities, their customers, their suppliers, and yes, their shareholders. It can create a safe and healthy work environment for all parts of their supply chain, find and eliminate risk and waste in supply chains, and process and deliver innovation by harnessing the different perspectives of all concerned.

Capabilities of SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

  • Get a clear view of your suppliers and spend in one place.
     - How much am I spending with my diverse suppliers?
     - What are my top, diverse spending categories?
     - Who are my top diverse suppliers?
  • Ability to analyze spending for different diversity and green certificate categories and to track expired and expiring certificates.
  • Supplier Enrichment Dun & Bradstreet: Diversity. Three flagging categories are available for enriched suppliers: General Diversity Flags, Certified Diversity Flags, and Enterprise Diversity Flags.
  • Supplier Enrichment: Green. Green businesses are conscientious of how their operations impact the environment or have environmentally responsible products recognized through an industry-standard certification process.

Benefits of SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

  • Supports compliance with legislation, driving visibility into the supply chain, ensuring human capital is ethical, and reducing risk in all forms
  • Supplier enrichment with supplier diversity information aids in diversity management
  • Help identify sourcing opportunities through vendor and commodity consolidation

SAP Fieldglass

Manage your external workforce with confidence: SAP Fieldglass provides tools so that organizations can advance their commitments to socially responsible external workforce engagements and mitigate risk by improving visibility into and transparency of the entire external workforce.

Capabilities of SAP Fieldglass

  • Ability to integrate with diverse suppliers like Divergent, The Mom Project, and other talent networks to source workers
  • In-depth rate guidance with full visibility into market rates when needed.
  • Tools to comply with local labor laws for external workers and ensure no co-employment issues
  • Available in 180 countries.

Benefits of SAP Fieldglass

  • Increased diversity of the workforce
  • Help ensure pay equity
  • Workers complete required (safety) training before they get on site
  • Ability to manage your external workforce globally with confidence.

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