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Drive innovations in your digital value chain

Consumer Products and the disruptive digital economy Consumer products companies need strategic priorities that drive transformation:

  • From siloed applications, to standardized digitization,
  • From process data, to data driven processes,
  • From deterministic processes, to predictive and prescriptive processes,
  • From managed on premise, to managed from the Cloud.

Scheer supports you with SAP S/4HANA reimagined set of end-to-end (E2E) business scenarios to manage the strategic priorities of working in a digital environment.

What got us here, won’t get us there.
A new era in Consumer Products:

Ideas : We are moving from the age of resources to the age of ideas

Talent: What distinguishes companies is talent and culture

Values: Consumers are beginning to buy the change they wish to see in the world

Costs: Rapidly diminishing costs are enabling and accelerating new growth and innovation

Consumer Products End-to-End Business Functions

Product innovation

  • Project control
  • Product engineering
  • Enterprise portfolio and project management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Product compliance


  • Catch weight management
  • Extended production planning and scheduling
  • Quality management
  • Manufacturing insights
    Production planning
  • Complex manufacturing

Supply Chain

  • Inventory
  • Warehousing and transportation
  • Order promising
  • Advanced warehousing, transportation, and order promising

Sourcing & Procurement

  • Sourcing and contract management
  • Operational and service procurement
  • Invoice and payables management
  • Supplier management
  • Procurement analytics


  • Accounting and financial close
  • Cost management and profitability analysis
  • Advanced accounting and financial close
  • Treasury and risk management
  • Enterprise risk and compliance

Sales and service

  • Sales performance management
  • Subscription billing and revenue management
  • Order and contract management
  • Direct store delivery
  • Multichannel billing

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Supply Chain 2108 Update

Embed new innovations enabled by the SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing solution

Live planning: Gain the ability to respond to demand and confirmed-order changes. Advanced planning and scheduling (APS), demand-driven replenishment (DDR), and drastically reduced material requirements planning (MRP) processing time improves transparency and responsiveness.

Real-time visibility of manufacturing operations: Visualize capacity utilization for work center and resources to understand load distribution and make real-time adjustments to available capacity, production order, and operation schedule.

Effective manufacturing change management: Bridge the gap between production design (eBOM) and manufacturing

(mBOM). Manage handovers and changes coming from engineering within a change record to track all process steps. Support for 3D visualization and animated work instructions are available with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications..

Complex manufacturing management with simplicity: Manage complex manufacturing with support for visualization and impact analysis in production engineering and operations. Model/unit effectivity for installation kits (breakdown of major assemblies into smaller pieces) is available throughout the end-to-end manufacturing process.

Mass production of individualized products: Produce personalized products ordered by customers with minimal human intervention. Product genealogy for every unit is maintained in the system for service and compliance needs. Collaborate with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract service providers to enable quick fulfillment of custom orders while reducing inventory and waste.

Predictive quality control: Monitor, regulate, and improve the quality of processes using statistical process control (SPC). Predictive algorithms for automated quality 

defect detection and expedited corrective action are supported using the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution

Improved EH&S risk and incident management: Embed safety and operational risk management into all of your operations by managing incidents effectively. Provide critical safety information to all employees – top floor to shop floor – to create an effective safety culture using the SAP Connected Worker Safety solution.

Real-time manufacturing insights: Have a real-time and drillable view of the performance metrics of all the production facilities globally. This enables identifying and implementing global manufacturing best practices. Define your own dashboards or adapt KPIs using SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Engineering: Production engineering and operations that extends SAP S/4HANA to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing through digital collaboration of manufacturing master data. Advanced visualization capabilities of production engineering and operations with 3D support in managing bills of material and work instructions.

Manufacturing Execution:  Comprehensive change impact analysis that extends to the shop floor with the possibility to hold production orders in addition to assessing stock quantities prior to change implementation. SAP Fiori apps for production supervisor and production operator on mobile devices. Work queue to search and view the operation activities currently assigned to workers by production supervisors

Manufacturing Network: Manage the subcontracting process from planning to execution; monitor and integrate your business network. Integrate the external workforce into production execution; manage time and material handovers.

Manufacturing Analytics: Real-time alerts based on bottlenecks in production, such as time or component delays, and resources. Derive insights for action based on plant performance analytics. Track manufacturing costs with comparative analysis of planned versus actual production cost. SAP Fiori apps for production supervisors and operators that provide live production visibility, orchestration, and confirmation capabilities.

Value drivers Consumer Products

Enabling new business models

Find new ways to earn revenue and maximize profits, such as monetizing content or data, pursuing innovative partnerships, or selling excess capacity.

E2E scenario: Reimagine order to delivery – Enable an E2E supply chain planning and execution scenario that enables efficient order fulfillment and delivery, beginning with sales order capture and progressing all the way through material dispatch.

Delivering personalized outcomes

Build enduring customer and consumer relationships by delivering on a set of outcomes, often service driven, that go well beyond traditional product focus.

E2E scenario: Reimagine personalized products – Create an E2E R&D process to design and hand over to production of personalized products at similar cost and lead time as for off-the-shelf products. 

Competing as an ecosystem

Expand the boundaries of consumer products by teaming with nontraditional ecosystem partners to deliver higher value at no orlow incremental cost.

E2E scenario: Reimagine operational procurement – Leverage a procurement business network that enables effective buyer-supplier collaboration and compliant and efficient processes by connecting trading partners electronically.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Consumer Products leads to: 

  • Fast and agile sales and manufacturing processes with full financial and operational insights
  • Automate processes for supply planning, logistics and finance
  • Proactively monitor inventory levels, planning exceptions and delivery process issues and with real-time dashboards
  • Find where profitability has been lost historically and is being lost now and act directly to prompt for actions

Achievable direct  Business Benefits

  • Increase revenue from new products
  • Reduce Procurement function costs
  • Reduce R&D Expenses
  • Improve Compliance on supplier and price policies, taxation, and regulations
  • Improve Cash flow with faster invoice approvals and payments

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