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SAP Business ByDesign | ERP Suite out-of-the-box

SAP Business ByDesign | ERP Suite out-of-the-box

Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign

Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign is a multicurrency and multilingual application to service the entire organization:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Business Analytics

The ideal Cloud ERP solution for small to medium enterprises and subsidiaries. It includes complete and integrated business processes for sales, procurement, production, service, project management, logistics, HRM and CRM. SAP Business ByDesign has been successfully used in 3700+ companies worldwide. These companies do have between 25 and 40,000 active users – which proves the scalability of this Cloud ERP solution.

SAP Business ByDesign is particularly suitable for professional and technical services, wholesale and distribution, logistics and manufacturing companies.

Perfect solution for rapid deployment

SAP Business ByDesign is a 100% Cloud ERP solution with the following characteristics: easy, fast, and accessible anywhere.


Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign Overview

Cloud ERP as foundation for Best Practice Scenarios

SAP Business ByDesign includes the following features:

  • Huge set of Best Practice processes that can be used immediately
  • Powerful analytical reports and smart dashboards that improve decision making on all levels
  • One version of the truth by integrating different functional silos
  • A flexible, adaptive cloud software, that grows easily with your business
  • Mobile Apps deployment, so you can manage your business and improve customer services anywhere

7 Considerations for choosing SAP Business ByDesign

Customers choose SAP Business ByDesign based on these seven considerations:

  1. Cloud-based – get the URL and start!
  2. Fully integrated – turn the entire business with one integrated solution
  3. Affordable – Reduce IT costs with predictable all-inclusive prices
  4. Easy to use – increase productivity with intuitive user interface
  5. Easy to adjust – start small and extend functionality when necessary
  6. Safe – SAP Solution Support you from a data center in Amsterdam
  7. Insight – Real-time 360 ​​degree view of your entire business

Improved Business Performance By Cloud ERP

  • Additional competitive strength
  • Better insights leads to better and faster decisions
  • Reducing your cost levels and increase the margins
  • Many Best Practice processes available to deploy instantly
  • A better understanding with built-in analytical reports and reports
  • Cost reduction as you don’t need your own IT department
  • Flexibility to start with the most relevant functionality when needed to scale
  • Built in compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Better usage experience by deploying Business Apps

Branche experiences of Scheer Netherlands

Scheer Netherlands has specific industry experience with the deployment of best-practice scenarios for the following lines of business:

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