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SAP Business ByDesign

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SAP Business ByDesign | SAP Cloud ERP

Our adoption with SaaS-ERP

In 2012, Scheer Netherlands embarked on a deliberate strategy to focus on SaaS-ERP, in partnership with SAP Business ByDesign. For a detailed account of our journey, please refer to the blog post entitled, "Scheer as Early Adopter for SAP Public Cloud". Our current focus is on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition, with a focus on implementing SaaS-ERP solutions for our clients.

Our experience with SAP Business ByDesign has enabled us to acquire extensive knowledge and expertise in guiding organizations towards the adoption of SaaS-ERP. Some of the key factors that have contributed to our success include:

  • Providing end-to-end support for critical business processes, such as Order-to-Cash and Record-to-Report;
  • Developing KPI-driven dashboards to track key performance indicators;
  • Offering integrated analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Managing Quality and Production systems to facilitate quarterly updates and innovation deployments;
  • Creating templates for both head office and country-specific organizational structures;
  • Utilizing Industry Best Practices for service and production companies;
  • Addressing integration and extensibility challenges with SAP SaaS-ERP solutions.

At Scheer Netherlands, we remain committed to delivering top-quality SaaS-ERP solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business objectives efficiently and effectively with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the Public Edition

Integrated Suite full with Industry Best Practices

SAP Business ByDesign was initiated by SAP in 2007 as a fully integrated Cloud business solution to fully support business processes from start to finish. In terms of functionality and structure, the application is designed for medium to large organisations and a perfect fit for branches or subsidiaries.

SAP Business ByDesign has the following features:

  • Only deployable via Cloud version based on Software as a Service;
  • 39 Best Practice Scenarios and 220 additional Web services available;
  • Including Business Analytics, Reporting, e-Learning, Document Flow, Process Flow and Support facilities;
  • Includes unlimited data storage of transactions and documents;
  • Suitable for companies from 20 to 30.000+ employees;
  • Every quarter an update including new functionalities.

Our track record with SAP ByDesign

Recognized Expertise Partner

Scheer Nederland was the only SAP Recognized Expertise Partner in the Netherlands for SAP Business ByDesign. This qualification is given by SAP on the basis of Project audits and customer satisfaction surveys.

Ferry Bogaards, Managing Partner Scheer Netherlands: "The certification SAP Recognized Expertise for SAP Business ByDesign is a recognition and appreciation of our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of SAP Cloud ERP implementations. 

With this, SAP not only sends the signal that Scheer Nederland is a respected and experienced partner, but also that we are able to offer customers high quality services with regard to SAP Business ByDesign".

Achieved results of Scheer Netherlands with our services with SAP Business ByDesign:

  • SAP Qualified Package for Professional Services.
  • SAP Qualified Package for Technical Services
  • SAP Qualified Package for Manufacturing Companies

Our reference projects

VSL - Netherlands Metrology Institute

link to the project of  VSL & SAP ByDesign

Stork Technical Services - Link to the project in Australia
Stork Technical Services - Link to the project in Colombia
Mastervolt - Link to the project for Mastervolt

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