Make the move to the next generation ERP


What is the new generation ERP all about?

The new generation ERP from SAP, also called Intelligent ERP, is also available as Software as a Service, including quarterly updates with additional functionalities and offers:

  • A real-time and fully integrated ERP solution, managed by SAP in specialized Data Centers, which meet the highest requirements;
  • State-of-the-art functionality in sales, service, procurement, project management, production, logistics, warehouse management, quality management, finance and controlling. The renewed ERP functions ensure smart, effective but also broader deployment of ERP within organizations. For example by deploying role-based mobile Apps;
  • A wide range of fully digitized end-to-end processes based on Industry Best Practices. This allows your business processes to be optimized without customization and additional complexity. An ideal foundation for the extensive digitization of business processes;
  • In addition to the well-known transactional functionality, now also provided with embedded analysis information and real-time forecasts.
  • Connections to Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning technology, which can greatly increase the added value of your ERP;
  • Standard integrations to specialized processes outside the scope of ERP. For example, ERP can be expanded with SAP applications such as Successfactors (Human Resource Management), Concur (travel and expense reports), Ariba (Strategic and tactical purchasing) and C/4HANA (CRM and Webshop Management).

What are the direct benefits of the new generation ERP?

SAP CLOUD ERP for New Business Models

Explore new Business Models

Motivation to switch to the new generation ERP can be the introduction of a new Business Model, driven by:

  • the need for digital innovation within your current product/market combinations;
  • entering of new product/market combinations;
  • the possibility to link Internet of Things and Machine Learning technology, making the new generation ERP even more part of the entire business and more and more tasks are being automated.

The introduction of a new Business Model often leads to necessary adjustments in your corporate ERP environment. These are known complex and lead to high costs and long lead times. 

An option is to replace the Corporate ERP system or to implement SAP Cloud ERP alongside - but integrated - with the existing Corporate ERP system. 
This approach keeps the implementation costs low, time-to-market is short and the business processes are optimally digitized and flexibly adapted.
SAP Cloud ERP for more transparency

Getting Full Transparency

An important feature of the new generation ERP is the real-time processing and the fully integrated setup of transaction and analytical data, providing continuous and complete insight into the current and planned activities within your organization. 

By default, there are reporting and analytics features that support the planning, execution decision making processes. The built-in reports and KPI dashboards provides a contineous overview and insight into your activities.

Better communication and collaboration is possible because employees work becomes task-oriented with context-related information. Work and Document Flow information provides a full insight into the steps and status of each individual step within your end-to-end process. This context driven tasks increases the effectiveness of the employees. 

The user-friendliness of many different mobile Apps ensure that the adoption within the organizations is simple for all levels. New employees can be trained quickly in the processes and functionality with the help of the built-in E-Learning tools

SAP Cloud ERP for more transparency

Lower your cost of ownership

The next generation ERP generation has a positive impact on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on operating and management costs. Research has shown that the switch to the Cloud ensures faster innovations and a reduction of the TCO by 20-30%. If an SAP Cloud solution is chosen, many activities will be taken over by SAP. The structure of the costs has changed due to the use of SAP Cloud ERP from CAPEX to OPEX. No more investments and depreciations (CAPEX) for IT/Software projects, but a cost item that can be charged directly to the profit and loss account (OPEX). 

In addition, a significant number of ERP functions have been completely renewed and simplified, which increases both the effectiveness and the efficiency of employees. There is an upgrade every quarter, which is characterized as a "non-event". SAP continuously enriches the ERP environment, which you can use at any time. So in 5 years you will still work with a State-of-the-Art application.

The ERP environment is managed with a focus on Cyber ​​Security. Trust comes first and SAP does everything possible to protect business and customer data at the highest possible level. Protection of personal data (AVG), management of SOX control measures and audit reports are an integral part of SAP Cloud ERP.

Getting a scalable IT and ERP landscape

A feature of SAP Cloud ERP is the simple and flexible scaling options  of usage if the business grows without a complex and lengthy IT project.

The word "scalable" has various meanings in this context, when it comes to further expansion:

  • Adding a new legal entity
  • Adding additional functionalities and business scenarios
  • Expand the business in other countries
  • Add more Office or Mobile users
  • Increase in transaction volumes.
The above expansions can be activated within SAP Cloud ERP by changing the configuration. The increase in the usage costs per month are often limited.

With the Business Configurator, new functionality is activated in an integral and consistent way, such as:

  • Country-specific processing, which ensures the handling of local laws and regulations;
  • Multi Currency, multiple Set-of-Books allows you to be active in different countries and work with different currencies and multiple Accounting Principles within the same transaction;
  • Deploying different languages ​​ensures that users can use the applications in a language accessible to them;
  • Expansion of pre-defined Reports, Interfaces, Enhancements, Workflows and Forms;
  • Integration of other SAP applications, such as SAP Successfactors, SAP Concur, SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass, C/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform. 

What is the added value of SAP Cloud ERP for your organization?

Every organization has to deal with adapting or improving their business model, the business processes and working methods. 

The existing systems can not deliver these innovations at a given moment and can not bring organizations to the desired level. 

The switch to the new generation of intelligent ERP is inevitable in order to enter this competitive digital playing field.

Strategic Advantages:

  • The ability to quickly enter into new markets and implement new organizational structures;
  • By means of innovation, 5-10% higher revenue growth can be realized;
  • 20-50% reduction in Time-to-Market.

Products and Services:

  • Achieve 5-20% revenue growth through the use of omni-channel sales;
  • An increase of 85% in the accurate prediction of turnover, costs and activities;
  • A reduction of 10-20% of quality-related costs.

Why is Scheer your best SAP Cloud Strategy Partner?

Scheer has been active with SAP Cloud ERP since 2012 and is recognized as a partner in the Netherlands as SAP Recognized Expertise Partner for SAP Cloud ERP for medium-sized companies. We have extensive experience in setting up and developing an SAP Cloud ERP Roadmap for both local and international organizations. The most important features are:

  • Clear vision on how SAP's Enterprise-Ready Functionality can be deployed within organizations, depending on your specific industry;
  • Broad and in-depth experience with SAP On-Premise and SAP Cloud portfolio within Professional and Technical Services, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Industrie;
  • Our knowledge and experience with both SAP ECC and the next generation SAP Cloud applications,  helps to make the right choice in your migration and implementation path;
  • Our Business Process Management approach with focus on your business model, including the end-to-end business processes provides a clear understanding of how your processes will be supported;
  •  The Scheer Group has a network of 500 consultants and 30 years of global BPM and ERP implementation experience in various industries.

Our References

Stork Technical Service - Australia

Realization of an SAP Cloud ERP Global Template with Accounting, Processes and Report standards. Read the story of Stork Australia.

Stork Technical Services - Colombia

Roll-out of the Stork SAP Cloud ERP Global Template to the locations in Colombia. Read the story of Stork Colombia.

VSL - the Netherlands

Implementation of SAP Cloud ERP for the Netherlands Metrology Institute. Read the story of VSL.

CSM - Europe

Transition to a simplified and uniform SAP ERP solution for the countries involved within the Europe. Read the story of CSM.

What can you expect from a SAP Cloud ERP Roadmap session?

SAP Cloud ERP Roadmap is an elaboration of a long-term plan with a vision, an approach and a business case.

The vision identifies the characteristics of your (new) business model, the value drivers, the current or expected challenges, your business objectives, the priorities and the risks.

The approach shows in which steps the organization, its processes and systems are improved or renewed related to the the Why, Who, What and How of the end-to-end processes. This approach includes also the impact on your organization, (master)data management, reports, dashboards, the IT department and the required level of support.

The business case contains a prediction of the costs and benefits for a period of 3 years, including a summary of expected non-tangible benefits. 

This elaboration of the SAP Cloud ERP Roadmap takes place in close cooperation with your Business Process Owners, specialists and managers and is presented to the management concerned.

How can Scheer help you with this?

Scheer periodically organizes webinars that provide information about SAP Cloud ERP products, in which we discuss the SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Business ByDesign differences and pay attention to the implementation effort.

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