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Ready for Purpose for Professional Services with SAP Business ByDesign

Cloud ERP for Professional Services

As a Service organization, you operate in a market that demands the highest degree of anticipation and ever shorter intervention times within your running projects. Your day-to-day decision-making requires efficient management and perfect control of your projects and project management to optimize performance criteria, improve your margins and increase customer satisfaction.

SAP Business ByDesign takes care for this required smooth Project Control. Your Project Management becomes the center of success when your business is all about running projects or services. From opportunity to proposal, from proposal to order and from order to project execution and invoicing, it all has to be a fully integrated process flow based on a single set of data, providing a single version of the truth. 

With SAP Business ByDesign your organization can run away from manual processes and excel sheets and start to manage your operations in an efficient and transparent way, fully integrated with the financial administration.

Professional Services

This package is specially designed for organizations running projects with mainly people involved.

  • Manage integrated resource planning and project administration;
  • Manage your business with built-in Mobile Apps;
  • 360° insight with integrated analytics and reporting tools;
  • Perfect visibility of project financial situation and expectation;
  • Integrated solution for real-time data management;
  • Integrated platform to activate new business models;
  • Digital platform to simplify your business

Download READY-for-PURPOSE Professional Services

Download the information package of Professional Services and SAP Business ByDesign

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Ready-for-purpose Built for growth

Built for Growth

On Location - easy to deploy various countries

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Single version of full integrated thruth

Ready-for-purpose Continuous Improvement


Quarterly updates to stay beyond expectations

What is our approach for this turn-key implementation?

Based on our Industry Best Practice for Service template to cover Professional Services, we start with identifying the key value drivers, then define the variants of the end-to-end processes thru in-depth workshops in which we also demonstrate the fully integrated concepts in SAP Business ByDesign. 

In addition, we optimize these Service template based on the workshop and support the key users to test all variants and to learn the solution inside-out.

It is our goal that SAP Business ByDesign is supporting your end-to-end business processes with standard practices in an efficient and effective way! 

Scheer Nederland and Services

Our consultants have a broad and deep understanding of supporting Service Organizations with SAP Business ByDesign. 

Read our Customer Reference Stories about VSL (Delft, Netherlands), Stork Australia (Ingleburg, Australia) and Stork Colombia (Bogota, Colombia) to get a quick impression of these Cloud ERP projects with SAP Business ByDesign.

Our goal is to provide a full integrated solution that supports Project Management, Sales, Operations, Finance and Controlling and Logistics. We take care that all involved departments have a clear understanding of the end-to-end processes and their individuals' roles and capabilities to manage their own activities.

The components of our approach

Ready-for-Purpose Implementation Plan

First implementation within 4 months

Your organization gets an integrated configuration for all involved work centers with 4 months

Ready-for-Purpose Integrated Solutions

Integrated Project Management and Finance

Fully Integrated Project Management and Finance solution for single legal entity, operating from single country with one set of books

Ready-for-Purpose Project & Service Types

Supporting various Project and Service Types

Clear defined scenarios for your sold Services and Project Types (Fixed Price and/or Time & Material)

Ready-for-Purpose Revenue Recognition

Clear Process of Revenue Recognition

The solution contains a clear process to manage your Revenue Recognition for Projects and Services.

Ready-for-Purpose Revenue Change Management Plan

Change, Migration and Cut-over plan

Pragmatic and proven plan to involve and align Management and your Key Users to get a solid understand of the necessary changes to the operations, the way to migrate and strenghten your (master)data and how this new Cloud ERP application succesfull will be deployed

Ready-for-Purpose Training Program

Extensive embedded Training Program

Our approach is designed to safeguard knowledge and insight to ensure your organization can work independently. Proper attention is given to both management and employee level to training and build a thorough knowledge of the application and the way your various end-to-end processes are supported.

What can your organization expect?

  • Scheer is leaving your organization behind with a good and constructive understanding of how your business is supported by the various work centers in SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Management, Key- and End Users are able to manage operations and are empowered to execute their tasks. 
  • Collaboration between internal and external partners is running smoothly.
  • Full insight from all necessary dimensions with a single version of the truth will benefit rapid and successful decisions. 
  • Change Management concepts are embedded to handle quarterly updates and deploy additional innovations and necessary optimizations in a smooth a solid way.

 Discover Session

This Discover Session gives you an opportunity to engage with our consultants and to get a good understand how Scheer is approaching the transition to SAP Cloud ERP
SAP Cloud ERO Discovery Session