performanceREADY - our business process focused SAP ERP implementation


For sustainable process efficiency with SAP Cloud solutions

Modular system to implement S/4HANA

Use our modular system for your  SAP S/4HANA solution and process-focused implementation project. The performanceREADY approach that supports you in quickly and efficiently transferring the requirements and processes of departments, such as sales, marketing, purchasing, and production, into SAP S/4HANA application.  Speed up the implementation time of your ERP system, implement efficient operational processes, and reduce your SAP operational and implementation costs.

Focus on business processes

The focus on business processes has decisive advantages: the actual business, the underlying processes, and their improvement are at the center of the discussion. Furthermore, not only individual islands but system-wide, the real business processes are considered, which play into very different areas of an IT solution. In order to support you on the path of digitization Scheer pursues only one goal: the excellent design of your business processes and thus the lasting improvement of your business success. Together with you, we want to make you the best in your industry. Half-hearted measures and mediocre concepts are out of place here.

With Scheer performanceREADY, Scheer has developed a complete solution that can be implemented quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Together with our project management method and our “process-driven SAP” approach, Scheer offers complete support that guarantees successful projects in terms of results, time and budget.

The first consistently process-oriented

complete solution for SAP implementations

  • Business Process Management orientation with Process-Driven SAP Management
  • Fast process modeling with Scheer performanceREADY
  • Process design harmonized with your SAP applications with the aid of redocumentation
  • Fast recording of the business processes required for the SAP project
  • Flexible design of the integration test and the management of complex test cases.

performanceREADY accelerators

Building Blocks

More than 5000 best-practice industry processes from 14 primary and 39 sub-industries

  • S/4HANA reference processes, IT service management processes, linking with further reference content (e.g. SAP RDS)
  • More than 1000 best-practice key figures
  • Industry-specific organizational structures and role models
  • More than 3000 data objects, forms & extensions
  • Reference IT architectures (for example, SAP HANA, Enterprise Architecture)


  • Pre-configured SAP systems with demos
  • Automation of system analysis, document creation, test management, and project tracking
  • Process-based and role-oriented training
  • Tools and accelerators for the entire project cycle
  • S/4HANA Analysen (System Evaluation, FIORI App Katalog)
  • All content is optimized for use in the SAP Solution Manager

Application Areas

  • SAP / IT implementation and harmonization
  • SAP / IT optimization and roll-out
  • SAP enhancement and upgrade
  • SAP redocumentation for the analysis of existing system landscapes
  • IT Architecture & Governance

Fast and measurable results

Immediately available content for all users

Immediately available access to the process portal for all users - all content can be accessed directly from the beginning of the project

Fast project scope definition & blueprint generation

Project documents and process models at the push of a button result in enormous time and cost savings

Automated documentation of the customization - a supplementary solution from Scheer

Fully automatic documentation of the SAP system with the help of the customizing clipping report - a proven additional solution from Scheer, which is a leader in the field of documentation of SAP systems

Automated Test Management

Automated test management based on preconfigured processes -

the way to significant quality improvements

Simple process and role-based training

Excellent education and training of employees through process- and role-based training

Workflow-based change management

Optimal process monitoring and easy implementation of process adjustments - a preconfigured, workflow-supported change management.

performanceREADY project overview


  • Target definition  to determine the tailor-made project approach
  • Readiness Check to determine the current status
  • Scoping or mining to capture the scope of the project
  • Business Case Calculation for Benefit and Investment Assessment


  • Setting up the project and the project processes
  • Explore the solution and the processes
  • Detail determination and allocation of requirements
  • Determination of the gaps
  • Definition of adjustments and how to implement them
  • Automatic creation and update of the project documentation
  • Planning and implementation of integrative sprints
  • An early demonstration of results through common system walkthroughs
  • Efficient test management - sprint-controlled
  • Consistent cut-over management and smooth transition to operations


  • Hypercare after Go Live
  • Project performance measurement
  • Set up a professional Business Competence Center

Continuous Improvement

  • Process measurement & monitoring
  • Identification of potential improvements and optimizations

Your Benefits of performanceREADY

  • Transparency about scope and content of the project from the beginning
  • Fast ROI and efficient projects through Preconfigured SAP systems, linked to validated best practice reference processes
  • Automation of time-consuming and recurring activities
  • Access to tools and project accelerators
  • Usages of State-of-the-Art-Methods, like Sprints, System Walkthroughs, and Fit-to-Standard
  • Reduction of project risks
  • Process benchmarking for optimal processes performance
  • Quality improvements