SAP ERP Implementations with Business Process Focus

Our approach for 

Business Process focused 

SAP implementations

RISE with SAP | SAP S/4HANA Cloud

SAP Public Cloud - RISE with SAP -End-to-End process focus

Process insight matters for successful operations

Scheer is a SAP partner for companies who want to optimize their business innovatively. We have broad and deep process and industry knowledge related to 

  • Consumer Products
  • Life Sciences
  • Discrete and Process Manufacturing 
  • Professional Services
  • Technical Services

We streamline and anchor the processes that emphasize the key points of the business model. We are experts in effective and constructive SAP implementations, as our consultants define the optimal SAP solution from a process focus point of view.

SAP ERP Implementations

The Scheer Business Process Approach

Focus on processes and users interactions

Focus on your Business Model and end-to-end processes

Our strength is work together with your business experts to find solutions close to the standard practices. In our end-to-end approach, we do not stop where SAP stops, but we continue to the real end of your process. 

As Process experts we are focused on your business model to understand the end-to-ends and to identify the specific characteristics within your business.  In our approach we follow a fully integrated view of the logistic and financial part of the process flow.

SAP Industry Best Practice Scenarios

Successful with SAP Industry Best Practice Scenarios

Characteristic of SAP's Industry Best Practices is that the underlying flow has already proven its value several times. Continuing insight has also taught us that companies can be a lot more successful by using these Industry Best Practice standards instead of defining customized practices. This Best Practices device provides simplicity and better overview. Using the standards means also that implementing  future releases is no problem.
Fit to Standard

Fit-to-Standard workshops to jointly create standardized solutions

Our consultants conduct an interactive workshop to discover the path to the Fit-to-Standard Industry Best Practices. This exercise is mostly experienced as a significant learning to gain a better insight in functionality and integrations between the business areas. The goal is to determine how the processes run and what the fit is with the standard processes supported by SAP Cloud ERP, like SAP S/4HANA or SAP Business ByDesign.
Industry Focus

Strong Industry Focus

To provide our customers with a SAP Cloud Roadmap, we continuously maintain the Fit to Standard analysis based on the latest versions of SAP Cloud ERP Best Practice capabilities within SAP Business ByDesign and SAP S/4HANA. 

We specialize in Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Technical Services.  
Follow this link for our Industry Focus details.

Change Management

Change Management

Beside the change in ERP applications, there is attention paid to the change and the impact towards employees, business partners and the organization during the implementation.
Training & End User Documentation

Training & End User Documentation

Attention and documentation for insight, overview and details regarding the business processes. The aim is to offer a simple environment that can be used for initial and follow-up training for employees. The goal is that everyone has a good understanding of his tasks, but also the cooperation and interactions with other disciplines can follow.

SAP implementation: migrate or starting from scratch?

What is your starting point for the upcoming ERP implementation?

  • Do you want to start with a complete new suite?
  • Do you want to carve out a business unit into a new suite?
  • Do you want to migrate your existing SAP ECC  to a new suite?
  • Do you want to extend your existing ERP with a new suite?

In our approach we take into consideration your current and your requested new ERP environment. We make a difference between migration or new implementations to SAP Cloud ERP in our initial discovery stage. The goal is to develop an implementation plan with focus on simplification, harmonization and standardization to rethink your processes.

Migrate to SAP Cloud ERP

In case of migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, the current environment will be investigated:

  • Custom Code Analyzes
  • Readiness Check
  • Automation options
  • Business Scenario Recommendations for SAP S/4HANA 

New Implementations

For new implementations special attention for

  • Fit/Standard Analysis concerning Key Requirements
  • Identification of Improvement Potentials
    (Quick Wins and High Potentials)
  • Identification of Measures for Simplifications and Improvements

Our approach goes beyond a methodology

ERP Implementation Approach with Agile Methods

Agile Principles

Innovations through the collaborative effort of cross-functional teams and their end user.

ERP Implementation Approach with Experiences & Industry Focus


Experiences of 100+ previous implementation projects

ERP Implementation Approach with Tools


Necessary project management tooling, including SAP Activate

ERP Implementation Approach with Best Practices

Best Practices Scenarios

Full documentation of Industry Best Practices

ERP Implementation Approach with Pre-Build Content

Pre-Built Content

Checklists, ask lists and manuals

ERP Implementation Approach with Life-Cycle Management

Solution Life Cycle

Continuous reporting and tracking of results

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