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SAP Integration Suite

Having grown over the years, solution landscapes often contain technological bits and pieces, siloed solutions, and unharmonized data storages, which all lead to disrupted process flows and data inconsistencies that have a direct, negative impact on your business goals. In today´s world, no LOB can work in isolation. Integrating your existing solutions within hybrid landscapes becomes more important than ever. Not focusing on integration has a direct impact on a company’s competitive advantage. Integration of the processes and data across your organization, and therefore across solutions being used, was always painful and time-consuming if possible, at all. But, demands on your IT environment are growing increasingly, getting more complex, and require different integration approaches as you need to connect people, processes, data, and devices everywhere.

Using SAP Integration Suite enables you to simplify enterprise integration in hybrid, heterogeneous landscapes leveraging out-of-the-box integration packages to seamlessly integrate end-to-end business processes across all LOBs, data, people, and devices. This leads to less implementation effort and simplification to speed up your time-to-market, and allows you to gain full-situation awareness of your integration points and responsiveness to change in real-time.

  • Integration of SAP and beyond to include 3rd parties, including API management, B2B/B2C support, data integration, event-based, IoT support, and process integration
  • Ready-built content that includes integration packs, APIs, business events, and connectors
  • Continuous access to best-practices via pre-packaged SAP business content
  • AI-powered Content Advisor to speed integration development and lower on-going support costs