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Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

What is the SAP Business Technology Platform?

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) offers extensive capabilities to accelerate your journey to SAP S/4HANA.

  1. Deliver end-to-end business processes and a seamless experience
  2. Achieve rapid innovation by extending and automating processes
  3. Create real-time insights from all data to make decisions with confidence

While SAP applications help to standardize end-to-end business processes to a large extent, customers need additional flexibility and independence to integrate their specific IT landscapes - which often of course also include non-SAP components. This is where SAP Business Technology Platform plays a key role.  Now more than ever, customers - no matter if on premise or in the cloud - need to store and manage a continuously growing amount of data. They want to run analyses on top of their data and be able to act with confidence. Solutions in silos no longer meet today's requirements.

SAP BTP is key to our effort to providing customers the foundation of fully integrated intelligent suite:

  1. One set of master data
  2. Seamless user experience
  3. Embedded intelligence and analytics
  4. Aligned APIs, a common domain model, aligned release cycles of cloud applications and automated provisioning
  5. A common data foundation to apply intelligence in integrated applications
  6. Form the basis for custom extension use cases

SAP BTP is the platform for the intelligent enterpriseIt includes database and data management solutions, analytics, application development & integration, as well as intelligent technologies – from on-premise to the cloud.

SAP BTP technologies provide substantial value individually (such as SAP HANA), however, the real power of the platform lies in leveraging a combination of technologies to solve your business challenges and create innovative outcomes

SAP BTP runs only in the Public Cloud Environment, to achieve ultimate flexibility and choice to drive agility & speed.  This is a big differentiation offered only by SAP.  SAP takes care of the technology so you can focus on your business outcomes.

SAP has a unique position to address your challenges with in-depth insight and access into business data and processes. This allows organizations to focus on business outcomes, instead of on the technical building blocks.

SAP BTP integrates and extends SAP Intelligent Suite as well as third-party applications with innovative capabilities.

SAP is uniquely positioned to deliver a business technology platform that helps enterprises achieve data-driven innovation

Customer needs and solutions

Businesses need to respond to ever-changing environments in their own way. By combining the available technologies in these four market categories customers can build, integrate and extend business applications with development agility and speed. SAP BTP helps them respond to multiple challenges, using one or, more often, several SAP BTP products and services:

1) Integration – Compose End-to-End Business Processes with One Seamless Experience 

  • Complex IT landscapes include on premise and cloud systems, SaaS applications, and hyperscaler technology. Integration is essential to enhance business operations across the entire value chain by connecting all applications, data, and processes seamlessly.
  • Customers operate in increasingly complex IT environments. The system landscapes in most enterprises today range from everything between on-premise to cloud, across multiple vendors, platforms and open source technologies, creating friction for users. New niche applications are emerging every day.
  • With the SAP BTP, customers can refine and enhance their business operations along the entire value chain by connecting processes, data, and experiences across SAP and third-party solutions with our integration capabilities.

2) Data-to-Value – Create advanced insights and decide with confidence Data is ubiquitous

  • It’s essential that organizations have a consolidated view across all their data assets and are able to achieve insight and make real time decisions, especially during times of rapid change
  • Data sources, types and volumes continue to increase as the drive to digitalization becomes more urgent in today’s climate.
  • Companies want a single insight layer across all their data sources and applications. SAP BTP enables customers to perform all necessary steps to make sense of data in a business context, combining SAP’s market leading data management, database, data warehousing, and analytics capabilities as well as embedded intelligent technologies.

3) Extensibility – Personalize and Innovate Rapidly 

  • Companies need to stay agile and adapt rapidly to new business conditions and changing customer demands.  Extension allows companies to build and enhance all their application investments to meet their customer’s dynamic needs and provide continual value.
  • Markets keep changing, new business models are emerging, and companies are winning through differentiation – but only if they can adapt swiftly. Enterprises must be able to act quickly, intelligently refining and enhancing their business processes just as needed, with software following the business logic – and not vice versa.
  • With SAP BTP’s application development capabilities, business process management, and AI business services, companies are empowered to build, extend and enhance SAP applications according to their needs and without disrupting their core.

4) Agility and Speed – Making development as easy and intuitive as possible 

  • With the ongoing digitalization of every industry, rapid engineering and fast time-to-value have become prerequisites for companies to differentiate and implement new business models. Customers require Development Agility & Speed as they tailor their IT systems to the changing needs of their business.
  • As developers become scarce resources, development efforts must be as efficient as possible. SAP BTP covers the entire development continuum ranging from no code, low code to pro code tools that match the user’s individual development skillset. Moreover, by establishing intuitive low code models and providing pre- defined and pre-built business content, business users can adapt and configure software themselves. Ultimately, enterprises will be able to do more with less.

Introduction Video of SAP Business Technology Platform

Top accelerators:

Connected business processes: Optimize processes that cross lines of business and achieve competitive differentiation with SAP BTP embedded in SAP applications.

Multicloud openness: Run SAP BTP in any hyperscaler cloud environment for flexibility and customer choice.

Extensive partner ecosystem: Choose from +15K partners across 25 industries to meet the needs of your business.

Rapid implementation and fast time to value: Go live quickly, reduce the payback period, monetize investments, and fund subsequent high-value use cases.

Core Components

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the technology foundation of the SAP customer landscape. It brings together capabilities across database and data management, application development and integration, analytics, and intelligent technologies to enable customers to turn data into business value, compose end-to-end business processes, and to build and extend SAP applications quickly – supporting the underlying infrastructure of on-premises, private cloud, hybrid, or a multicloud setup established with any major hyperscaler.

SAP BTP provides outcomes across three main customer scenarios:

  1. Integration – complex IT landscapes include on premise and cloud systems, SaaS applications and hyperscaler technology.  Integration is essential to enhance business operations across the entire value chain by connecting all applications, data and processes seamlessly.
  2. Data to Value – it’s essential that organizations have a consolidated view across all their data assets and are able to achieve insight and make real time decisions, especially during times of rapid change
  3. Extensibility – companies need to stay agile and adapt rapidly to new business conditions and changing customer demands.  Extension allows companies to build and enhance all their application investments to meet their customer’s dynamic needs and provide continual value.

SAP BTP four solution areas:

  1. Database and Data Management: Capture, manage, and govern your data to drive better business outcomes
  2. Analytics: Analyze all your data to accelerate insights and transform the data you have into the answers you need
  3. Application Development and Integration: Integrate and extend applications – build new ways to access and interact with your data
  4. Intelligent Technologies: Data is the fuel propelling intelligent technologies forward – optimizing processes, and igniting innovation

Database and Data Management:

  2. SAP HANA Cloud
  3. SAP Data Intelligence
  4. SAP Master Data Governance
  5. SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise


  1. SAP Analytics Cloud
  2. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  3. SAP BusinessObjects BI
  4. SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Application Development and Integration:

  1. SAP Integration Suite
  2. SAP Extension Suite
  3. SAP Process Orchestration

Intelligent Technologies:

  1. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation
  2. SAP Conversation AIL
  3. SAP Internet of Things
  4. SAP AI Business Services
  5. SAP Ruum

Unified, Open & Business Centric Platform

SAP BTP will be the unified, business-centric and open data and development platform for the entire SAP ecosystem. To achieve this, SAP brings the existing technology products (e.g. SAP HANA, SAP Integration Suite, or SAP Analytics Cloud) together with new capabilities (e.g. low-code/no code, marketplace) in one place for consumption. All built on a stable multi-cloud, multi-runtime foundation.

Unified Platform: 

  • Integrate all platform solutions by unifying data and processes, technology, functionalities, and user experience …
  • Avoid unnecessary data movement between different technology stacks
  • Reduce customers’ total cost of ownership

Business Centricity:

  1. SAP's industry and business process knowledge embedded in technologies and tools
  2. Easy plug these technologies into business processes
  3. SAP takes care of the technical “plumbing” in the background
  4. It is the fastest way from data to business value
  5. Provide customers with re-usable business components and pre-packaged content that helps turn data into business value

Open Architecture: 

  1. Move from on-premise to the cloud at your own speed:
  2. Supports cloud, on-prem and hybrid scenarios;
  3. Seamless interoperability with hyperscaler technologies;
  4. Provides scalability and choice:  easily extend your IT landscapes and make use of our ecosystem.