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20 November 2017 
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VNSG Focus Group SAP Business ByDesign | Nov 23, 2017

VNSG Focus Group SAP Business ByDesign

We are delighted that both VNSG and SAP has responded positive to our request to activate the Focus group of SAP Business ByDesign. Scheer has also accepted the position of Secretary of this Focus group and is committed to get all Dutch speaking SAP Business ByDesign users together is this group.

After the successful kick-off on September 8th, the second meeting will be held on November 23 , 2017. This is a perfect opportunity for you, as an active user, to increase your knowledge and contribute actively within the SAP Business ByDesign community. Two product managers from SAP Germany will be present, to discuss future development of SAP Business ByDesign. A unique opportunity to influence the roadmap of SAP Business ByDesign.

The agenda of the meeting on November 23, is as follows:

  • GDPR / IFRS15
  • SAP Business ByDesign Roadmap, Ideas & Portfolio
  • SAP Business ByDesign Support:
    • How to approach SAP and for what kind of issues?
    • How is the performance of SAP Support perceived by the members?
  • SAP Business ByDesign Integrations
    • Integrations in general
    • Integrations with regards to banking solutions
  • Tips & Tricks & Challenges
    • Selection of pre-submitted tips, tricks and things and Challenges that keeping you up.

SAP will attend this meeting with the following persons to address the roadmap, GDPR and IFRS:

  • Rainer Zinow – Senior VP – Product Management for SAP Business ByDesign
  • Jan Matthes  – Chief Product Manager – SAP Business ByDesign customer engagement, commerce, data privacy & analytics
  • Thomas Meder – Product Manager SAP – Deliver best-in class Financials to the SME market.
  • Richard Nagel – Director PreSales – EMEA Solution Champion SAP Business ByDesign

An inspiring agenda with space for sharing knowledge and questions.

Registrate here for this meeting.

VNSG Website Focusgroup ByDesign

The Focus Group has been added to the website of VNSG and can be found under the list of focus groups.

VNSG Focusgroep ByDesign

The following topics are addressed within this Focus Group of SAP Business ByDesign:

  • Objectives
  • Accession Directives for Partners
  • Subjects:
    • Continuous Improvement from SAP Business ByDesign
    • Discussing Quarterly Updates: consequences and possibilities
    • Localization issues
    • Sharing Best Practices in different areas, such as configuration, output, extensions, integration reports and mobile apps
    • Soundboard group of SAP Business ByDesign users for Future Change Requests
    • Roadmap updates
    • Tips, Tricks & Challenges
  • Member list
  • Planned Meetings

For whom is this focus group interesting?
Believers, influencers and Key-users who have deployed SAP Business ByDesign as an ERP system for day-to-day operations.

Can we count on you?

Does your organization use SAP Business ByDesign? Come to this meeting on Thursday, November 23!

Details Meeting

Date: Thursday november 23th 2017

Time:  13:00 – 16:00

Location: Hotel Van der Valk – Pauwenzaal  | Rijksweg 25  | 5391 LH Nuland


Met vriendelijke groet,

Mirko Scheepers

Secretaris VNSG SAP Business ByDesign Focusgroep

SAP Recognized Expertise Partner SAP Business ByDesign


About the author
Diederik is characterized by a strong process focus and ability to translate the approach to well-functioning Global Templates and Best Practice Scenarios. This makes SAP solutions to work and to really enhance the organization.