Stork implements SAP Cloud ERP | SAP Business ByDesign
Scheer supports Stork to implement SAP Cloud ERP Platform

Scheer supports Stork to implement SAP Cloud ERP Platform

Stork and Scheer implement SAP Cloud Platform

Stork implements SAP Cloud ERP as an integrated project solution:

  • Cloud ERP as Corporate Platform
  • Global Reporting Template, Process and Data Standardization
  • Delay Local IT offers opportunities for the Business
  • Focus on Operational Excellence

Stork implements an integrated project solution based on SAP Business ByDesign

Stork implements an integrated project solution based on SAP Business ByDesign . Below is the link to the reference story of this Cloud ERP solution for Giovenco in Australia. Scheer Nederland supports Stork Technical Services with the worldwide implementation to support professional services.

The following project members are interviewed:

Hans Lagaaij – Corporate IT Director Stork, responsible for choosing and rolling out Cloud ERP, SAP Business ByDesign

Ton Bruijne – Finance & Business Services Director Stork, project sponsor

Chee Heng Lai – IT Manager Australia and New Zealand, Project Manager for the selection and implementation of SAP Business ByDesign

Ferry Bogaards – Managing Partner Scheer Netherlands

Continue to the article about the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign as part of SAP Cloud Journey for Stork .

About Stork

Stork is an international technical service provider in the field of Asset Integrity Management. Stork delivers a comprehensive range of solutions and specialized services that ensure the best possible deployment and maintenance of its oil, gas, chemical and energy industry’s business facilities.
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About Scheer

Scheer GmbH is established in 2012 as a result of the merger between Scheer Management GmbH and IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH. Scheer is known for its special focus on sector-specific support and guidance of the companies in their digital transformations. Scheer Group has subsidiaries in Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
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