Scheer GmbH chooses Microsoft Azure for Managed Services.
Scheer GmbH chooses Microsoft Azure for Managed Services.
29 mei 2020 

Scheer GmbH chooses Microsoft Azure for Managed Services.

Scheer moves SAP Hosting to Microsoft Azure

Scheer GmbH has mostly converted its Managed Services for IT services from its own data centers to Microsoft Azure. Scheer and Microsoft work hand in hand to offer customers new possibilities for the operation and integration of SAP and non-SAP systems on the Microsoft Azure platform. With this fundamental decision on their future cloud strategy, the process experts are now establishing themselves as Cloud Management Providers.

Scheer Group’s experts pave the way for their customers to respond professionally to upcoming challenges, even in economically tense times.

Already successfully implemented customer projects have had a positive effect on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and a convincingly short transition time of 4 weeks – even for complex SAP landscapes. Compared to their previous hosting, customers benefit in scalability, security, and flexibility, and the new possibilities to seamlessly connect their SAP landscape with Microsoft Azure Services.

The experience of Scheer’s Process Experts shows that switching from the data center to the Microsoft Azure Cloud is generally less time consuming than customers expect and that the migration of systems is also less costly.

Scheer Intelligent Data Services

Scheer created its Intelligent Data Services based on the Microsoft Azure platform and Scheer’s expertise in processes and technology. Customers from many different industries benefit from the highest security and compliance standards, and the integration of SAP products with the Azure platform. Scheer Managed Services supports more than 300 systems, and up to 1,000 SAP environments on their Azure platform. Well-known customers from various industries entrust their critical SAP systems to Scheer Managed Services.


A significant advantage of managed services in the Microsoft Azure Cloud is the ability to offer individualized software and pricing options. Pay-As-You-Go, i.e., usage-based payment, makes Microsoft Azure attractive for many companies. The performance, flexibility, and speed of the services are also convincing.

Scheer CEO Mario Baldi: “By choosing Microsoft Azure, Scheer is acting in line with the business agenda that it fulfills for itself and its customers: “Companies that want to get the most out of the age of digitization must continuously optimize, transform and accelerate. I am convinced that the cooperation with Microsoft is a great advantage for our customers and both partners”.


Read the Scheer Customer Reference Story at the Microsoft site (German version)

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