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19 February 2018 
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Scheer iBPM to become a digital company

Scheer iBPM – Intelligent Business Process Management paves the way towards becoming a digital company

Scheer process specialists offer customers products and solutions for the optimal use of company data

Scheer BPaaS is an intelligent BPM platform that makes tailor made digitization projects possible. Process mining enables the data driven optimization of business processes which also prepares the way towards robotic process automation, Robots Production Automation (RPA). In 2018 process automation will become a factor critical for success for companies on the path to digitization. 

Scheer BPaas Process Connections

Scheer BPaas Process Connections

The possibilities opened by big data analysis are shifting the main focus of business process optimization for companies to the real time optimization of processes during operation. Scheer process mining opens possibilities which go beyond the analysis of individual process instances. With the reconstruction of real processes based on company data, value adding processes are optimized and productivity is increased. Via the Process Explorer the actual “is-process” is compared with the optimal “should-process”. With the Process Designer process instances can be optimized and new process models can also be adapted.

Scheer BPaas Intelligent BPM logoVia the enhancement of the Scheer BPaaS platform with RPA technology the now transparent and optimized processes can be automated simply and quickly. Due to the platform architecture Scheer BPaaS offers the optimal starting point as typical RPA components such as Process Designer, Process Engine or dashboards are already available.

At CeBIT 2018 Scheer will showcase its RPA monitoring component, the latest enhancement with which RPA bots can not only be monitored but their operation also visualized, analogous to process mining.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Menge, CIO of Berlin Transport Services says of the use of BPaaS in practice, “Through the digitization of all paper based forms we want take a big step towards the digital future. With Scheer BPaaS we have gained an agile platform with which we can implement ideas on our own.”

Marion Baldi, CEO of Scheer GmbH adds, “The Scheer BPaaS platform makes end-2-end digitization in companies possible and ensures the optimal interplay of IT components. This way companies can secure their control over business processes and make optimal business decisions.”

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In production, robots already dominate the production lines: they work independently without errors, in consistent quality and around the clock. Their work is fully documented and they can be trained on new activities. Thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and software robots, these advantages are now also finding their way into everyday office life.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables the development of software robots that perform the tasks of human operators. The software robot does not influence any existing systems, but acts as an intermediary, which acts like a human on the application surfaces. RPA is thus z. For example, an alternative to classic outsourcing.

Process Execution and Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI are the core topics of this whitepaper, which shows how this development can be incorporated into the Scheer GmbH products and used successfully.

Download Whitepaper Intelligent Business Process Management

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About Scheer GmbH

As a consulting and software house Scheer GmbH supports companies in the development of new business models, with the optimization and implementation of efficient business processes as well as with the dependable operation of their IT systems. The integrated architecture of the digital solution house comprises consulting solutions and products: it offers dependable solutions for the digitization of business models and processes as well as for the implementation of new technologies in digital business.

Scheer GmbH is the flagship company of the Scheer Group which operates in various European countries as well as in the U.S.A., Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Australia.

As an SAP Lighthouse Partner Scheer advises customers on their way towards the meaningful and efficient implementation of SAP and SAP S/4 HANA. Current further developments in ARIS solutions ensure the quality of processes in innovative business models.

Customers can realize the end-2-end digitization of their companies with the cloud-based Scheer BPaaS platform architecture. Scheer E2E Bridge offers model-based business middleware for system integration which ensures transparency over all processes and offers the highest levels of failsafe performance.

Customers benefit from high levels of sector expertise gained from diverse consulting projects, professional IT implementation and the possibility of having their applications run and managed in the Scheer Group’s own data center.


About the author
Ferry fulfills the role of strategic advisor in the field of digitizing and improving business process management with SAP solutions. Particularly through his project approach, defining the right scoping and supporting the change path, he ensures that projects are successful.