SAP Qualified Package READY-for-Purpose for Professional Services
SAP qualifies Scheer with Cloud ERP Package for Professional Services

SAP qualifies Scheer with Cloud ERP Package for Professional Services

Scheer Netherlands has received the SAP Qualified Package qualification for its READY-for-PURPOSE Package for Professional Services. This package focuses on the implementation of SAP Cloud ERP for Professional Services with SAP Business ByDesign.

SAP Qualified Package READY-for-Purpose for Professional ServicesAn SAP Qualified Partner Package is an integrated solution that uses SAP software and innovations, along with the intellectual property of an SAP partner, such as industry or industry expertise, specialized services, customizations, configurations or applications.

Scheer Nederland has extensive experience to deploy Industry Best Practices and SAP Cloud ERP for Service Organizations. That is why Scheer has taken up the challenge to offer a clear package where medium to large organizations can support their Professional Services with this SAP Cloud ERP solution!
Ferry Bogaards – Managing Director Scheer Netherlands

What is the READY-for-PURPOSE for Professional Services solution?

The goal is to have a full-fledged “foundation” available within 4 months for Professional Services covering Project Management, Financials, HR and Sales. Scheer provides a good and constructive insight into how business processes are supported by SAP Business ByDesign. Managers, Application Managers and end Users know how to find their way within the application in order to be able to deliver a top performance. The cooperation between internal and external partners is working seamless. Every user gets a complete insight to the process steps. The integrated version of a single truth ensures quick and successful decisions along the execution. Proofed concepts of Change Management are in place to process quarterly updates and to deploy additional innovations and necessary optimizations in a non-disruptive way.

More information: Ready-for-Purpose

Simplify your business with Ready-for-Purpose

Watch the short video presentation to quickly understand how READY-for-PURPOSE can support your organization in simplifying the execution of the business and helping to set up a foundation for new business models.

Scheer Nederland is SAP Qualified Expertise Partner for SAP Business ByDesign.

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