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SAP Business ByDesign was initiated by SAP in 2007 as a fully integrated Cloud business solution to fully support business processes from start to finish. In terms of functionality and structure, the application is designed for medium to large organisations and a perfect fit for branches or subsidiaries.

SAP Business ByDesign has the following features:

  • Only deployable via Cloud version based on Software as a Service;
  • 39 Best Practice Scenarios and 220 additional Web services available;
  • Including Business Analytics, Reporting, e-Learning, Document Flow, Process Flow and Support facilities;
  • Includes unlimited data storage of transactions and documents;
  • Suitable for companies from 20 to 30.000+ employees;
  • Every quarter an update including new functionalities.

SAP Business ByDesign gives fast-growing companies the platform to grow even faster. This cloud-based ERP solution is built from the ground up with flexible business processes based on best practices from thousands of companies and is designed to connect every person and every part of your organization. What's more, the integrated, in-depth analysis gives you full transparency across your entire organization, allowing you to respond quickly to opportunities to accelerate growth. You have a powerful foundation to scale and compete with companies of all sizes - without the complexity and cost - so you can grow your business your way.

SAP Business ByDesign Integrated Suite | SAP Cloud ERP

Recognized Expertise Partner

Scheer Nederland is the only SAP Recognized Expertise Partner in the Netherlands for SAP Business ByDesign. This qualification is given by SAP on the basis of Project audits and customer satisfaction surveys.

Ferry Bogaards, Managing Partner Scheer Netherlands: "The certification SAP Recognized Expertise for SAP Business ByDesign is a recognition and appreciation of our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of SAP Cloud ERP implementations. 

With this, SAP not only sends the signal that Scheer Nederland is a respected and experienced partner, but also that we are able to offer customers high quality services with regard to SAP Business ByDesign".

Our reference projects

VSL - Netherlands Metrology Institute

link to the project of  VSL & SAP ByDesign

Stork Technical Services - Link to the project in Australia
Stork Technical Services - Link to the project in Colombia
Mastervolt - Link to the project for Mastervolt
Business ByDesign has everything a fast-growing company needs - an end-to-end solution, powered by proven business processes and delivered in an easy, quick to implement package.
Business ByDesign is built to scale: a dynamic, configurable solution that will drive today's growth and continue to grow with your business.

360º Views

With Business ByDesign, analytics are not an add-on, but part of every process, giving you full insight into every aspect of your business to make quick and effective decisions.
Business ByDesign is a secure and scalable platform maintained by SAP and updated quarterly with innovative and compliance updates.

What is SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a Cloud ERP solution with support for the following business units:
- Finance
- Customer Relationship Management
- Human Resources
- Project Management
- Procurement
- Supply Chain Management

In addition, the application has the following industry-specific capabilities:
- Professional Services
- Manufacturing
- Wholesale Distribution
- Public Sector (North America)

Additional matters:
- 39 Best Practice Scenarios for fast and effective design of end-to-end processes;
- Built-in Analysis and Reporting capabilities with over 500 standard reports;
- KPI Dashboards for easy identification and sharing of facts;
- Mobile apps;
- User-friendly - based on modern HTML-5 techniques - user interface - translated into SAP Fiori apps;
- In-memory database, allowing data to be available in real time for full and integral insight at all times.

What are the SAP Business ByDesign Deployment options?

SAP Business ByDesign is only available as Software as a Service. By default, the application is delivered on a Multi-tenant environment. This implies that the underlying platform is used for different customers.

For larger implementations it is possible to arrange a so-called "Private Tenant" via SAP. Get the same benefits of the public cloud, but in a dedicated, privately managed environment; best suited for organizations with highly customised requirements.

How are the release updates for SAP Business ByDesign deployed?

There are 4 update cycles per year: February, May, August and November. The SAP Business ByDesign release is indicated per year and month 2102, 2105, 2108 and 2111. Each release contains fixes, (regulatory) updates and possibly new functionalities. The month prior to the release month, the quality system is updated and provided with Release details and test scripts.

Most updates have to do with regular and legal changes that have been made.

SAP maintains a plan for updates over the next 24 months. This plan is updated on a quarterly basis.

Is SAP Business ByDesign available as an on-Premise version?

No, SAP Business ByDesign is not available as an on-Premise version. The only option is Software-as-a-Service

Can SAP Business ByDesign be deployed internationally?

In addition to the power of the integrated functionality of SAP Business Design, the presence of multiple languages, support for multiple currencies and multiple ledgers is a perfect solution for companies that operate internationally.

The strength of SAP Business ByDesign lies in the 120 countries for which specific localizations have been implemented. Hereby the following subdivision of countries:
1- Standard Country Version
2-Pre-Localized Country Version
3-Tax-basic Country version

Standard Country Version
This country localization scope is mainly focused on delivering country specific compliance functionality.

Pre-Localized Country version
A pre-located land version offers a series of specific features that go beyond the basic tax content. This makes it possible for customers/partners to build customer/partner-specific functionalities. The content provided varies from country to country, but it mainly concerns taxes, customer-oriented forms (such as invoices, orders, delivery notes; not in the local language) or financial accounting. Any deviations must be taken over by the customer/partner. Various independent functions are available within SAP Business ByDesign, e.g. in the area of SEPA migration tools, flexible taxation configuration, flexibility in document numbering, hiring of employees; the options available vary from country to country.

Tax Basic Country Version
The base-country tax versions contain a minimum of support related to tax matters. The generic tax return has been used for the tax base countries. A tax base country also includes some very basic scenarios such as domestic sales and purchases, exports and imports, and relocation.

SAP Business ByDesign can perfectly be used for subsidiaries, which are active in several countries. Using SAP Business ByDesign, the subsidiaries can set up their own processes, workflows, reports and KPIs, without dependence on the head office. Integration with the head office with SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA is a possibility. Translated with (free version)

Which country versions are available for SAP Business ByDesign?

There are three types of country versions for SAP Business ByDesign:
1- Standard Country Version
2- Pre-Localized Country Version
3- Tax-basic Country version

[caption id=""" align="aligncenter" width="1170"]SAP Business ByDesign - Supporting countries SAP Business ByDesign - Supporting countries[/caption]
You can find the list of SAP supported countries at the SAP Business ByDesign website.

SAP also offers the Localization Toolkit. The Localization Toolkit is a set of tools built into SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Cloud Applications Studio. It allows expansion or customization of SAP Business ByDesign's standard capacity, for example, in general ledger, tax reporting, HCM, or expense and fee management.

Which languages are supported by SAP Business ByDesign?

The following countries are supported from the application:
-Simplified Chinese
-Traditional Chinese

Optional: leveraging SAP Translation Hub Service:
- Vietnamese

What are the branch specific capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign?

SAP Business ByDesign is a Suite-in-a-Box. You will always have access to the full functionality, but your organization has the possibility to activate only those components that are necessary. In this way SAP Business ByDesign can be widely used.

The application has a special fit for the following industries:
- Project organizations - professional and technical services
- Production
- Trade
- Financial administrations.

In addition to the power of the integrated functionality of SAP Business Design, the presence of multiple languages, support for multiple currencies and multiple ledgers is a perfect solution for companies that operate internationally.

Which Best Practice Scenarios are available?

Below is a list of the available Best Practice Scenarios:
-Actual Costing
-Cash and Liquidity Management
-Customer Contract Management
-Customer Return Management
-Demand Planning
-Expense Reimbursement
-Field Service and Repair
-Financial Closing
-Fixed Asset Management
-Intercompany Project Time and Expenses
-Intracompany Stock Transfer
-Make to Stock
-Marketing to Opportunity
-Materials in Projects
-Materials in Projects from Project Purchase Request
-Order-to-Cash (Project-Based Services)
-Order-to-Cash (Standardized Services)
-Order-to-Cash (Sell-from-Stock)
-Order-to-Cash (Third-Party Order Process)
-Order-to-Cash (Specified Products)
-Over-the-Counter Sales
-Payroll Services
-Physical Inventory Management
-Procure-to-Pay (Non-Stock)
-Procure-to-Pay (Stock)
-Procure-to-Pay (Services)
-Product Catalog Management
-Product Definition
-Product Development
-Product Engineering
-Project Management
-Quality Assurance (Unplanned Inspections)
-Rebate Management
-Request to Resolve
-Resource Management
-Strategic Sourcing
-Supplier Return Management
-Time and Labor Management
-Workforce Administration

SAP Business ByDesign gives you access to all the functionality of all modules. However, you can easily activate this step by step when the organization is ready to use of a specific model.

That's the reason it is called "ByDesign". 

Out of the box, you will get instant access to all modules that support your operations:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • SCM
  • SRM
  • HR
  • FIN
  • CON

All modules are then divided into so-called "Workcenters", whereupon roles and employees are connected. This gives immediate insight into the rights per role and per employee.

Easily apply Best Practices Scenarios

The power is the exhaustive list of 39 best-practice scenarios that are available. These scenarios can then be easily configured as desired by the organization. This creates a customized environment, but purely based on standards. 

SAP Business ByDesign comes standard with complete operating scenarios for the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Financials
  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Service and Support
  • Supply Chain Management
5- 30K+

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