Mind the GAP: SAP On Premise replacement option SAP ByDesign
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Replace SAP All-in-One by SAP Cloud ERP

Mind the Gap: Cloud ERP as your next step

How big is your organization’s gap in what you do versus what you would like to do to serve your customers and your potential new marketplace (s)?
Our experience is that companies using, for example, SAP All-in-One, will continue to struggle with adjusting their On-Premise system instead of choosing the path towards real innovations.

Your SAP on-premise system deserves a refurbishment, but this expensive project will be delayed again:

  • Users are starting to complain increasingly about the (on) capabilities and user-friendliness of your ERP system;
  • Managing Reportings has become a forest of Excel sheets;
  • Maintenance costs remain high, while no functional enhancements are added;
  • The response to innovation requests is actually not or too slow and too cumbersome.

What prevents your organization bringing your ERP environment to the Cloud?

The new generation of SAP Cloud ERP systems provide integrated functionality, a greatly improved user experience, application platform simplification and full transparency of data and processes. Nowadays, it can no longer be the case, that the person in charge in your organization is dependent on others to understand the state of his pending transactions

Switching SAP All-in-One to SAP Cloud ERP Application SAP Business ByDesign

Discover the possibilities of SAP Business ByDesign Platform as a Service:

  • Functionalities and Best Practice Scenarios
  • Scalability in locations and the amount of users
  • Security and continuity
  • Adaptability within concepts of standard practices

We would like to share our experiences and findings about the use of SAP Business ByDesign as a successor to SAP All-in-One ?



About the author
Diederik is characterized by a strong process focus and ability to translate the approach to well-functioning Global Templates and Best Practice Scenarios. This makes SAP solutions to work and to really enhance the organization.