Project Apps for SAP Cloud ERP: Time Recording for Teams

Scheer Project Apps

Project Management Accelerator for SAP Cloud ERP

Easy way to oversee the recordings of your entire team

Project Apps to accelerate your performance for project-based operations

Why using these Project Apps?

Scheer develops accelerators for Service organizations with project-based activities.

These Scheer Project Apps reduces work effort, improve the speed of completeness and eliminate human errors in daily work activities.

Who is using these Project Apps?

These Project Apps are intended to be used by project managers, project administrators, project planners during the setup, planning and execution of work packages. Roles that have authorization and access to view and manage hours and equipment within projects. For these roles, the Scheer Project Apps are significant time savers and eliminate the risk of human errors.

In addition, the deployment of these Business Apps is fully compliant with standards and authorisations of the SAP Cloud ERP environment.

This first release of the Scheer Project Apps is available for SAP Business ByDesign.

SAP App store for Time Recording for Teams

Project Apps Suite v2020-01

Time Recording for Employees
Time Recording for Equipment

Recording Service Confirmations for Unit-based services

Expected Features in our next release(s)

- Manage Orders

- Create Assignment Rules

- Copy Materials

- Copy Employees

Add your required Feature(s) to this App!

It is possible to define and develop your own App that is covering your specific requirements. Pricing and conditions on request..

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Discover the feature to manage the hours and equipment across projects for all team members!

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Extend functionality to your SAP Cloud ERP Projects

Scheer is using the following components to extend the functionality on top of the standard end-to-end processes of your SAP ERP Cloud.

Side by Side Extensions

The Project Apps are so called Side-by-Side extensions.

  • These Project Apps run on the SAP Cloud Platform leveraging SAP standard SOAP and Odata services. 
  • This approach makes the Project Apps release independent from the SAP Cloud ERP.
  • The Scheer Project Apps are not developed in the Software Development Kit of a particular SAP ERP solution.

SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud Platform offers the highest security and authorization capabilities for using additional Business Apps in a controlled way.

The Apps run on the SAP Cloud Platform with all authorization and security policies that are activated and can be used by every company or country in your SAP tenant environment.

SAP Fiori User Experience

The Apps are developed with SAP Fiori to establish a consistent look and feel for the end-user and can used on a desktop or tablet. This intuitive user interface makes it easy to be deployed even for non SAP ERP users. 

License Plan

The license of a Scheer Project App(s) implies a copy of the source of the App(s). The next step is to install and to configure the App(s) in the SAP Cloud Platform and make the connection to the Cloud ERP environment. Then, they are ready to be used by all entities within your SAP Cloud ERP tenant.

You are entitled to fine-tune and personalize the Project App with additional functionality. Your own developer or Scheer can do these extensions.

Pricing and Proof of Concept

Pricing of a Project App starts at €7.500,00.

We offer a Proof of Concept, which includes the deployment of the App for a single country for two months to experience the benefits of this Project App.

The costs of a Proof of Concept are €1.500,00, including a single change request to fine-tune the app. The fee for the Proof of Concept is credited when the App is bought.

SAP App store for Time Recording for Teams

Project App: Time Recording Employees for Teams


A team supervisor or administrator can record time of an entire team. With an easy to use wizard he/she can write regular and overtime for an entire week in a few clicks.

This Time Recording Employee App supports quick recording of project and HR time for individual teams members across projects and tasks

Use cases

This App is a significant time saver to validate, complete or adjust time recording from individual team members in a single view.

Filter Options

The App has standard the following filter and selection capabilities to define the required business context to manage the Employee recordings:

  • Company and Cost Center
  • Search the Project by selection per:
    - My Projects, active or all projects
    - Project Name or Number
    - Customer Name
    - Person Responsible
    - Responsible Cost Center
  • Select the Project and get insight to:
    - Assigned Team Members
    - Tasks per Member
    - Actual and Planned Hours per Member/Task
    - Activity details


The Time recording Employees App has the following features to quickly adjust the hours for both project or HR related tasks:

  • Adjust Actual and/or Billable durations including descriptions;
  • Apply adjustments to selected team members with a single click for all days of the week;
  • Show all project tasks to get insight in underlying details;
  • Show Other projects to get quick insight in time recordings for other project;
  • Include Weekends to quickly adjust hours for the weekend days for all team members;
  • Use the Copy from last week including the option to select the members;
  • Easily Add or adjust HR Tasks to complete or adjust time recordings for the team

SAP App store for Time Recording for Teams

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