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Enterprise Management Layer 

The enterprise management layer for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition (EML) allows customers to execute business processes based on SAP Best Practices. Where the standard SAP Best Practices typically focus on national companies running operations within one country only, the EML focuses towards international customers that run subsidiaries within multiple countries around the globe. 

International Setup

  • The design of the EML is truly built for global corporations with a global ledger structure and the need to report on corporate accounting principles but as well on local accounting principles within the individual countries. 
  • All legal entities pre-configured within EML (in SAP terminology called company codes), come with two parallel ledgers pre-defined in addition to the leading group ledger. 
  • The two parallel ledgers allow customers to reflect local accounting principles per country as well as the ability to report accounting values for deviating fiscal year variants that can be reflected within the second parallel ledger. This ledger often is referred to as “tax-ledger”. 

The currently available country versions pre-configured within the international setup of the EML for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition on release 2021 are covering 42 country versions and pre-installed 24 system languages

National Setup

While the main focus of the EML offering for S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition is on international customers, on request customers can receive an EML version focusing towards a national setup. This national setup is a single-country template with leading accounting principle based on the country selected. One parallel ledger will be pre-activated representing international accounting principles. 

Scope Id's Per Module Enterprise Management Layer

Release 2021 (Sept 2021)

Beneath a listing of the scope items that are part of the Enterprise Management Layer.
*IN = Inlcuded
*OPT = Optional

Application Platform and Infrastructure

Administration and Usability

Process Management and Integration

Asset Management

Maintenance Management

Database and Data Management

Enterprise Information Management

  • Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA from File  (BH5) *IN
  • Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA from Staging  (2Q2) *IN
  • Master Data Catalog for SAP S/4HANA - On-premise  (1I9) *IN


Accounting and Financial Close

  • Accounting and Financial Close  (J58) *IN
  • Accounting and Financial Close - Group Ledger IFRS 1)  (1GA) *IN
  • Accounting for Incoming Sales Orders  (2FD) *IN
  • Asset Accounting  (J62) *IN
  • Asset Accounting - Group Ledger IFRS 1)  (1GB) *IN
  • Asset Under Construction  (BFH) *IN
  • Asset Under Construction - Group Ledger IFRS 1)  (1GF) *IN
  • Cash Journal  (1GO) *IN
  • External Tax Audit  (2OO) *IN
  • Financial Planning and Analysis  (2FM) *IN
  • General Ledger Allocation Cycle  (1GI) *IN
  • Intercompany Reconciliation Process 1)  (40Y) *IN
  • Inventory Valuation for Year-End Closing  (BEJ) *IN
  • Managing Material Price Changes and Inventory Values  (1ZT) *IN
  • Period-End Closing - Maintenance Orders  (BF7) *IN
  • Period-End Closing - Plant  (BEI) *IN
  • Purchase Order Accruals  (2VB) *IN
  • SAP Fiori Analytical Apps for Asset Accounting in Finance  (2QY) *IN
  • SAP Fiori Analytical Apps for G/L Accounting in Finance  (BGC) *IN

Advanced Accounting and Financial Close

  • Advance Compliance Reporting  (1J2) *OPT
  • Group Account Preparation for Financial Consolidation  (3AF) *OPT
  • Group Reporting - Financial Consolidation  (1SG) *OPT
  • Group Reporting - Matrix Consolidation  (3LX) *OPT
  • Group Reporting - Plan Consolidation  (28B) *OPT

Advanced Financial Operations

  • Advanced Credit Management  (1QM) *OPT
  • Basic Credit Management  (BD6) *IN
  • Collections and Dispute Management  (BFC) *OPT

Cost Management and Profitability Analysis

  • Actual Costing  (33Q) *OPT
  • Commitment Management  (2I3) *IN
  • Financial Plan Data Upload from File  (1HB) *IN
  • Internal Order - Actual  (BEV) *IN
  • Margin Analysis  (J55) *IN
  • Overhead Cost Accounting  (J54) *IN
  • Standard Cost Calculation  (BEG) *IN
  • Statistical Sales Conditions  (34B) *IN
  • Universal Allocation  (2QL) *IN

Enterprise Risk and Compliance

  • Classification for Customs Tariff Number and Commodity Code  (2U3) *IN
  • Embargo Control  (1WC) *IN
  • Intrastat Processing  (BDT) *IN
  • Legal Control  (1W8) *IN

Financial Operations

  • Accounts Payable  (J60) *IN
  • Accounts Receivable  (J59) *IN
  • Combined Invoice – Goods and Service Items  (2UV) *IN
  • Complementary Invoice – Pricing  (2UT) *IN
  • Delivery of Goods on Behalf of Another Company  (2UW) *IN
  • Direct Debit  (19M) *IN
  • Lockbox  (1JT) *IN
  • Provisioning of Overdue Receivables  (2PD) *IN
  • SAP Fiori Analytical Apps for Financial Accounting  (2JB) *IN
  • Supplier Financing  (4AV) *IN

Real Estate Management

  • Lease-In Accounting - Group Ledger IFRS 1)  (21P) *OPT
  • Lease-In Accounting 1)  (1T6) *OPT
  • Lease-Out Accounting  (21Q) *OPT
  • Lease-Out for Sublease Accounting - Group Ledger IFRS 1)  (2SA) *OPT
  • Lease-Out for Sublease Accounting 1)  (2SB) *OPT
  • Service Contract  (21R) *OPT

Treasury Management

  • Advanced Bank Account Management  (J77) *OPT
  • Advanced Cash Operations  (J78) *OPT
  • Bank Fee Management  (2O0) *OPT
  • Bank Integration with File Interface  (1EG) *IN
  • Basic Bank Account Management  (BFA) *IN
  • Basic Cash Operations  (BFB) *IN

Human Resources

Core HR and Time Recording

  • Employee Integration - SAP S/4HANA Enablement  (1FD) *IN


Extended Production Planning and Scheduling

  • Demand-Driven Buffer Level Management  (1Y2) *OPT
  • Demand-Driven Replenishment Planning and Execution  (2QI) *OPT

Production Engineering

  • Change Manufacturing Bill of Material for Production  (3LO) *IN
  • Mass Change Manufacturing Bill of Material for Production  (3LP) *IN

Production Operations

  • Analytics for Production Unit - Plan/Actual Production Cost  (2QW) *IN
  • Inbound Storage Tank Management - Process Manufacturing  (3UK) *IN
  • Make-to-Order Production - Finished Goods Sales and Final Assembly  (BJE) *IN
  • Make-to-Order Production - Process Manufacturing  (3OK) *IN
  • Make-to-Order Production - Semifinished Goods Planning and Assembly  (1BM) *IN
  • Make-to-Order Production for Sales Kits with Variant Configuration  (4OC) *OPT
  • Make-to-Order Production with Variant Configuration 3)  (1YT) *OPT
  • Make-to-Stock - Process Manufacturing Based on Process Order  (BJ8) *IN
  • Make-to-Stock - Process Manufacturing Based on Production Order  (2UG) *IN
  • Make-to-Stock Production - Discrete Manufacturing  (BJ5) *IN
  • Make-to-Stock Production - Repetitive Manufacturing  (BJH) *IN
  • Make-to-Stock Production with Variant Configuration 3)  (21D) *OPT
  • Make-to-Stock with Co- and By-Products - Process Manufacturing  (3L7) *IN
  • Make-to-Stock with Silo Material - Process Manufacturing  (3UL) *IN
  • Material Replenishment with Kanban - External Procurement  (1E3) *IN
  • Material Replenishment with Kanban - In-House Production  (4B3) *IN
  • Material Replenishment with Kanban - Stock Transfer  (4B4) *IN
  • Production Subcontracting - External Processing  (BJK) *IN
  • Rework Processing - Stock-Manufactured Material  (BJN) *IN
  • Rework Processing - Work-in-Process  (BJQ) *IN
  • Tank Trailer Filling with Residuals  (42N) *IN

Production Planning

  • Material Requirements Planning  (J44) *IN
  • Production Capacity Evaluation  (31L) *IN
  • Production Capacity Leveling 2)  (3LQ) *IN

Quality Management

  • Nonconformance Management  (2QN) *IN
  • Quality Management for Complaints against Suppliers  (2F9) *IN
  • Quality Management for Complaints from Customers  (2FA) *IN
  • Quality Management in Discrete Manufacturing  (1E1) *IN
  • Quality Management in Procurement  (1FM) *IN
  • Quality Management in Sales  (1MP) *IN
  • Quality Management in Stock Handling  (1MR) *IN
  • Quality Management of Internal Problems  (2QP) *IN
  • SAP Fiori Analytical Apps for Quality Management  (2V0) *IN


Product Engineering

  • Bill of Material - Mass Change  (1R5) *IN
  • Engineering Bill of Material - Change Master Management  (1R3) *IN
  • Engineering Bill of Material - Versions Management  (1NR) *IN
  • Manage Documents  (22P) *IN
  • Set up Configurable Bill of Material using Variant Configuration 3)  (22T) *OPT


Order and Contract Management

  • Accelerated Customer Returns  (BKP) *IN
  • Accelerated Third-Party Returns  (1Z3) *IN
  • Analytics for Sales - Central Stock with Returns  (2QS) *IN
  • Convergent Billing  (1MC) *IN
  • Credit Memo Processing  (1EZ) *IN
  • Customer Consignment  (1IU) *IN
  • Customer Returns  (BDD) *IN
  • Debit Memo Processing  (1F1) *IN
  • Delivery Processing without Order Reference  (1MI) *IN
  • Free Goods Processing  (BKA) *IN
  • Free of Charge Delivery  (BDA) *IN
  • Invoice Correction Process with Credit Memo  (BKL) *IN
  • Invoice Correction Process with Debit Memo  (BDQ) *IN
  • Order-to-Cash Performance Monitoring  (BKN) *IN
  • Planning Apps for Sales  (1O0) *IN
  • Return Order Processing for Non-Stock Material  (3TE) *IN
  • Returnables Processing  (BDW) *IN
  • Sale of Services  (2EQ) *IN
  • Sales Commissions - External Sales Representative  (2TT) *IN
  • Sales Contract Management  (I9I) *IN
  • Sales Inquiry  (1IQ) *IN
  • Sales of Non-Stock Item with Order-Specific Procurement  (BDN) *IN
  • Sales Order Entry with One-Time Customer  (BDH) *IN
  • Sales Order Fulfillment Monitoring  (BKK) *IN
  • Sales Order Processing - SEPA Direct Debit Handling  (BKX) *IN
  • Sales Order Processing for Non-Stock Material  (2ET) *IN
  • Sales Order Processing for Sales Kits  (31Q) *IN
  • Sales Order Processing with Customer Down Payment  (BKJ) *IN
  • Sales Order Processing with Invoice List and Collective Billing  (BKZ) *IN
  • Sales Processing using Third-Party with Shipping Notification  (BD3) *IN
  • Sales Processing using Third-Party with Variant Configuration  (4R6) *OPT
  • Sales Processing using Third-Party without Shipping Notification  (BDK) *IN
  • Sales Quotation  (BDG) *IN
  • Sales Rebate Processing  (1B6) *IN
  • SAP Fiori Analytical Apps for Sales  (1BS) *IN
  • Sell from Stock  (BD9) *IN

Sales Force Support


Service Master Data & Agreement Management

  • Service Contract Management  (426) *IN
  • Service Management Overview  (43B) *IN

Service Operations & Processes

  • Interaction Center Service Request Management  (41W) *IN
  • Service Order Management  (41Z) *IN
  • Solution Quotation  (4Q5) *IN

Sourcing and Procurement

Invoice Management

Operational Procurement

  • Batch Management  (BLF) *IN
  • Complementary Procurement Functions  (2TW) *IN
  • Consumable Purchasing  (BNX) *IN
  • Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery  (2TX) *IN
  • Procurement of Direct Materials  (J45) *IN
  • Procurement of Materials with Variant Configuration 3)  (2XU) *OPT
  • Procurement of Pipeline Materials  (41F) *IN
  • Procurement of Services  (22Z) *IN
  • Purchasing Rebate Processing  (2R7) *IN
  • Requisitioning  (18J) *IN
  • Scheduling Agreement for Consignment Procurement  (2NY) *IN
  • Scheduling Agreement for Subcontracting Procurement  (2NX) *IN
  • Scheduling Agreements in Procurement  (BMR) *IN
  • Serial Number Management  (BLL) *IN
  • Supplier Consignment  (2LG) *IN

Procurement Analytics

  • Analytics - Purchase Order Visibility and Procurement Spend  (2QU) *IN
  • Real-Time Reporting and Monitoring for Procurement  (1JI) *IN

Sourcing and Contract Management

  • Purchase Contract  (BMD) *IN
  • Request for Price  (1XF) *IN
  • SAP S/4HANA for Enterprise Contract Management  (1XV) *OPT

Supplier Management

  • Activity Management in Procurement  (19C) *IN
  • Supplier Classification and Segmentation  (19E) *IN
  • Supplier Evaluation and Performance Monitoring  (SL4) *IN

Supply Chain

Advanced Order Promising

  • Advanced Available-to-Promise Processing  (1JW) *OPT

Advanced Warehousing

  • Advanced Warehouse Outbound Processing to Customer  (1VD) *OPT


  • Core Inventory Management  (BMC) *IN
  • Physical Inventory - Cycle Counting  (4LU) *IN
  • Physical Inventory - Inventory Count and Adjustment  (BML) *IN
  • Return to Supplier  (BMK) *IN
  • SAP Fiori Analytical Apps for Inventory and Warehouse Management  (BGG) *IN

Logistics Material Identification

  • Handling Unit Management  (4MM) *IN

Order Promising

  • Basic Available-to-Promise Processing  (2LN) *OPT


  • Basic Warehouse Inbound Processing from Supplier  (1FS) *OPT
  • Basic Warehouse Inbound Processing from Supplier with Quality Management  (1V9) *OPT
  • Basic Warehouse Outbound Processing to Customer  (1G2) *OPT
  • Decentralized EWM - Technical Integration ERP 5)  (4UA) *OPT
  • Initial Stock Upload for Warehouse  (1FU) *OPT
  • Physical Inventory in Warehouse  (1FW) *OPT
  • Production Integration - Component Consumption and Receipt in Warehouse  (1VB) *OPT
  • Replenishment in Warehouse  (1FY) *OPT
  • Scrapping in Warehouse  (1G0) *OPT
  • Warehouse Inbound Processing from Supplier with Batch Management  (1V5) *OPT
  • Warehouse Outbound Processing to Customer with Batch Management  (1V7) *OPT