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Digitization of Business Processes with Scheer PAS Business Modeler
01 oktober 2019 
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Digitization of Business Processes with Scheer PAS Business Modeler

Digitization of Business Processes

The cloud-based analysis tool accelerates the optimization and transformation of digital business processes.

Presented for the first time at the Hannover Messe 2019, the Scheer PAS Business Modeler, a tool for companies that want to shape their digital transformation in a targeted manner, has been launched in October 2019. Simple process modeling, which is available in cloud form and scalable at any time, helps to optimize internal processes in companies and also facilitates communication between IT and specialist departments. At the same time, based on optimized processes, the Business Modeler forms the basis for subsequent process automation in the Scheer Process Automation Suite.

The Scheer PAS Business Modeler accompanies companies efficiently on the path of digital transformation. Processes are optimized and continuously digitized. In the modeling tool, business processes are represented graphically in a simple and fast way. Thanks to the intuitive web-based user interface, users from specialist departments are able to graphically map and optimize their own processes, process maps, organizational and IT data structures, including requirements and risks, in just a few minutes.

The practice-oriented range of functions is based on Scheer GmbH’s many years of experience in business process management projects. In addition to modeling individual company data, users can also use content from the Scheer performanceREADY best practice modular system directly in their projects, thus reducing time and effort.

Scheer Process Automation Suite

Scheer Process Automation Suite

Scheer Process Automation Suite

The Scheer PAS Business Modeler is a component of the Scheer Process Automation Suite (Scheer PAS), the comprehensive process automation platform 4.0 that provides companies with all the key components for end-to-end digitization of the entire business model. The suite enables model-driven digitization of human workflows as well as model-driven integration and automation of technical processes.

Scheer PAS Business Modeler

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