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27 March 2019 

Focus Money recognizes Scheer as Digital Champion

The Focus Money survey gives Scheer GmbH the maximum possible rating of 100 points and therefore 1st place as Digital Champion in the management consultancy sector

The Focus Money Survey reviewed the 10.000 largest companies – by employee numbers – in Germany and formally recognized the “digital champions” amongst them. The study identified companies which are actively confronting the challenges of digitization and responding with their own answers and solutions. Points were calculated on a scale of 1 – 100 for each sector. The winner in each sector received 100 points and was therefore set as the benchmark against which all other companies within the sector were evaluated. With 100 points, Scheer GmbH achieved 1st Place in the management consultancy sector.

According to Focus Money „Alongside technical dimensions, digital transformation also has an organizational and cultural dimension within a company. It is therefore not enough to simply expand one’s own IT department, even though knowhow in data and technology is indispensable. Much more than that, it is a holistic challenge reaching across and beyond every part of a business which needs to be thought through and implemented.” This point of view is also shared by the Scheer CEO, Mario Baldi: “Scheer GmbH has succeeded comprehensively in accepting this holistic challenge. On the one hand the business accompanies its customers on their journeys towards Enterprise 4.0 and on the other hand it is also on its own continuous journey of digital transformation.”

The Focus Money Survey was supervised scientifically by the Hamburg Institute of international Economics (HWWI), an independent economic research institute that carries out basic and applied research, while providing impetus for business, politics and society.

Link to Deutschland Test – Digital Champopn Branchsiger Unternehmensberatung article


About Scheer GmbH
As a consulting and software house Scheer GmbH supports companies with the development of new business models, with the optimization and implementation of efficient business processes as well as with the operation of their IT systems. The integrated architecture of the digital solution house comprises consulting solutions and products: it offers dependable solutions for the digitisation of business models and processes as well as for the implementation of new technologies in digital business.
Scheer GmbH is the flagship company of the Scheer Group which operates in various European countries as well as in the U.S.A., Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Australia. Customers benefit from high levels of sector expertise gained from diverse consulting projects, professional IT implementation and the possibility of having their applications or entire IT -architecture run and managed in the Scheer Group’s own data centre.

About the author
Ferry fulfills the role of strategic advisor in the field of digitizing and improving business process management with SAP solutions. Particularly through his project approach, defining the right scoping and supporting the change path, he ensures that projects are successful.