Easy Move - Migrate - Secure your SAP applications on Azure Platform
Easy Move - Migrate - Secure SAP to Azure
01 februari 2021 

Easy Move - Migrate - Secure SAP to Azure

Easy Move - Migrate - Secure SAP to Azure

Scheer has further expanded its program for the ERP transformation towards the Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide its customers with even broader support.

The renewed program includes the following components:

  • Cloud Advisory
  • Easy Move to Azure
  • Easy Cloud Migrations
  • Easy Cloud Secure
  • Easy Remote Everything

In this EASY program we work closely with our Partners SAP, Microsoft (Azure, Office, Teams) and SNP (Crystal Bridge).

Our program is aimed at supporting companies with the transformation towards the Cloud.  Our focus is not to bring just the applications to the Cloud, but to make sure that the processes from A to Z are supported from Cloud services.

In recent months, Scheer has again been able to add new customers to the SAP on Azure customer base. Scheer has taken care of the SAP Application Management and SAP Operations in this regard. These companies have decided for different reasons to move their complete or partial SAP ERP and/or BW landscape to Azure, like the following reasons:

  • Compliance reasons, where the on-premises IT/Application landscape did not meet Compliance and Security requirements;
  • Lack of sufficient expertise within the organization;
  • Creating more flexibility and scalability for now and in the near future of the ERP landscape;
  • Transformation to SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud platform;

Below is a brief explanation of the renewed program EASY Move to Azure

Cloud Advisory

There is no universal concept available to start within the Cloud. Scheer guides you with the development of the right strategy towards the Cloud. We listen to your individual needs and the level of “majority” regarding Cloud adaptation. With our three “Cloud Adaption Models” and the elements embedded in them, we find the right strategy for you. Together we define all required services and the most efficient approach.

Easy Move to Azure

The deployment of Azure as a Cloud platform for ERP and other business applications is often the beginning of a Cloud Transformation. Our Easy Move program provides, among others, a clear and fast approach, with a fixed price, for Managed Cloud Services, SAP Basic Operations, Support Services, Periodic Upgrades, Security and Compliance Functions.

Easy Cloud Migrations

As a Microsoft and SNP Partner, we enable an even faster move to the Microsoft Azure Cloud using the Scheer Process Analysis approach in combination with the SNP migration tools. To achieve a fast, secure and cost-effective methodology of a conversion to SAP S/4HANA, it is actively supported by the use of SNP tools.

Easy Cloud Security

The selection of services and procedures related to the Cloud platform and security can be overwhelming and raise many questions. While many trivial issues can be quickly resolved after brief research, the question of security with or in the cloud is not easy to answer. The issue of compliance adds to this and throws you into a wilderness of questions and problems that may not even seem solvable at first. Scheer takes responsibility for security in your cloud environment and is committed to reliable collaboration.

Easy Remote Everything

In order to increase the effectiveness of your employees, they need to be able to be active anywhere and anytime.  Scheer actually provides a Modern Workplace as a Service – Always, everywhere, on any device- Optimal productivity! In today’s day and age, where remote working has become an important component, it is becoming increasingly important to support your employees with the best options.

Managed Services for SAP

Scheer also supports your SAP applications with Application Management and SAP Operations. For this, a kind of cafeteria model has been set up to draw up the right Service Level Agreement. For example, you can choose for 5×8, 5×11 or 7×24 support.

Discover the possibilities Easy Move program

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities of SAP on Azure, including the transformation towards SAP S/4HANA.

More information about this program can be found here in Dutch/English.

Gerard van Gent
SAP on Azure – SAP S/4HANA Cloud Expert

About the author
During almost his entire career Gerard has been involved in SAP implementation projects, both as a business consultant and as project manager. During the more than 25 years of SAP experience, he has been involved in mostly long-term projects in a large number of industries: chemicals, beverage and food, steel, but also central and local government. In recent years Gerard has assumed a leading role in the implementation of S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform at a multinational and he is responsible for the SAP on Azure Managed Service for Scheer Nederland. By building trust - promising what you deliver, and delivering what you promise - Gerard has been able to maintain long-term relationships with the various customer organizations.
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