Scheer Group GmbH starts branche in the Netherlands
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24 August 2012 
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Computable - Scheer Gmbh starts subsidiary in the Netherlands

SAP and BPM-expert Scheer Nederland starts branche in the Netherlands
Vianen, 23 augustus 2012


SAP and BPM expert Scheer Netherlands, part of the Scheer Group GmbH, will open a branch in the Netherlands. From the new office in Vianen , Scheer Nederland provide SAP and Business Process Management (BPM) consulting. This includes a wide range of services in the areas such as SAP implementations and business transformation, business architecture, BPM and mobility solutions. Scheer Netherlands is conducted in the Netherlands by Ferry Bogaards and Diederik van Duuren, together forty years of experience gained as a consultant in the SAP world and BPM era.

Scheer Netherlands is a consulting organization with focus on the process improvements aligned to the business model of the customer.  The traditional marketing mix consists of the following 5 P’s: Price, Product, Place, Promotion and People. Scheer Nederlands is adding Process as the 6th element of a successful marketing mix.  This strong process focus makes Scheer Netherlands different from other consulting organizations.

Unique Fit & Gap approach to SAP implementations  plays a central role in the SAP Implementation Services of Scheer Nederland.  This approach ensures that standard processes are  defined by proven  Best Practices. Therefore, there is more time for designing the processes that characterize and distinguish the business from a particular undertaking.

Scheer Netherlands BV was established in the context of the further internationalization of the Scheer Group. The Scheer group recently started operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is expanding strongly.

Over Scheer GmbH
The name Scheer stands for more than 25 years for managing business processes. That is the core competence of Scheer: The company is expert in providing high-quality advice and developing innovative solutions in the field of Business Process Management and SAP solutions.

Scheer GmbH assists companies in transforming the entire value into a sustainable process and customer oriented organization. To convert customers business strategy operational specialists focus business, process and IT models consistently on the customer and market situations. The focus of our industry knowledge is in the food industry, trade, manufacturing, consumer goods, utilities and financial services.
Founder and namesake Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult. August-Wilhelm Scheer is still active within the Scheer Group.

About the author
Ferry fulfills the role of strategic advisor in the field of digitizing and improving business process management with SAP solutions. Particularly through his project approach, defining the right scoping and supporting the change path, he ensures that projects are successful.