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BPM | Usage of Business Apps

BPM | Usage of Business Apps

Take care of Business Apps for increased productivity

  • Role-based functionality
  • Easy to use for mobile employees
  • Ensures elimination of tasks

Business Apps with role-based process innovation for SAP systems

Role-based Business App: the final piece of the puzzle to significantly innovate processes!

Scheer Nederland takes process innovation as a starting point. Together with the customer, we develop new processes and role-based Business Apps, which strengthen the revenue model (and therefore competitive advantage) and reduce process costs.

Role-based Business Apps increase the effectiveness of a process and ease of use. View our video to get an impression of the concept.



SAP Sales Business App

Scheer Nederland has developed a Sales App, which gives a sales employee easy access to customer information and order management functionality via an iPad. This way, current sales data of customers can be viewed and adjusted. Furthermore, detailed data regarding the location, contacts, promotions and store layout can be easily stored.

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